Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review

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Quick Overview






  • Up to 60 km on a single charge
  • Durable aluminum and carbon steel frames
  • A choice of three riding modes
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Excellent braking system


  • Long charging time, 4-6 hours
  • Not suitable for newbies

Despite the numerous benefits that come with owning an electric bike, people tend to shy away from them. In most cases, people just assume that they cost a considerable amount of money and the bikes that aren’t worth it. 

Thanks to evolving manufacturing technology, e-bikes will give you a nice boost as you pedal up the hills. They not only provide you with a seamless way to get around but also let you do so in comfort and style. The Ancheer folding electric mountain bike fits the bill.

Here’s a detailed Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review to help you determine if it makes a perfect fit as your next mountain bike.

Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Ultralightweight, foldable, motorized and powered by an electric battery, the folding mountain bike from Ancheer is a cut above the rest. It affords you some of the features that come in high-end bikes without denting your pocket. Rugged aluminum construction, high-performance tires, and dual shock system let the e-bike glide over rocks and less hospitable terrain.

The foldable electric bike comes jam-packed with functions. You can turn the motorized features on and off at the flip of a button. In the standard bicycle mode, you have a choice of 21 gear transmissions, reminiscent of a regular mountain bike.

Who is ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike for?

The foldable bike is the perfect trail companion when you’re limited for space, such as when heading out for a camping trip. The mountain bike folds into two to save on space and make room for additional camping gear.

The motorized function gives you the freedom to take on just about any motorized trail you choose without torturing your legs. Anyone looking to lower their carbon footprint will love the fact that e-bikes uses clean energy to safeguard the environment.


The electric bike stands 6’1” high and weighs 55 pounds. The shipping weight comes to 59.5 pounds. The bike ships out partially assembled, about 85 %, making it easy for anyone to complete the assembly process. However, you need to fine-tune the bike after assembling to ensure it rides smooth.

Ultra-lightweight and Durable Frame

An aluminum alloy frame gives this electric bike a durable yet lightweight body. The foldable aircraft grade alloy aluminum and stainless frame let the bike fold into two for easier storage. A carbon steel fork at the front makes for a durable and robust ride without piling on the weight. The bike weighs an impressive 55 pounds and will fit snugly into the trunk of any car. That means you don’t have to worry about running out of space or need to rent a truck when going camping.

High Capacity Lithium-ion Battery

The Ancheer e-mountain bike is capable of 37.3 miles on a single charge thanks to its removable 38V lithium-ion battery. The battery powers the 250W engine on the bike to give you a burst of speed whenever you need it. A fast-charging port lets you charge the battery in under six hours. The electric function kicks in when you select e-bike and assisted functions of the bike. A quick twist on the throttle can let you hit a top speed of 15 miles whenever you need it. Such speeds make this folding electric bike the perfect choice when going to the office, grocery shopping, or heading out on a trail. You have the option of turning off the electrical function and enjoying a standard cycling session.

Comfortable Riding

The e-bike boasts dual shock absorbers on both the rear and front wheels which absorb much of the impact as you zip around town at 15 mph on this bike. An added suspension spring also helps to keep each ride smooth and enjoyable regardless of the terrain you ride on. A 21-speed Shimano transmission system lets you achieve decent speeds even when you turn off the e-bike function, without straining your legs.

Reduced Wheel Repair and Maintenance

Unlike conventional bikes, the wheels on these mountain bikes aren’t spoked. Instead, the e-bike rides on a pair of molded rims. That might seem like a disadvantage, but it’s an excellent safety measure. Replacing the spokes with molded rims significantly reduces the failures associated with broken and bent spokes. Effectively, that reduces the amount of repair and maintenance you need to undertake.

Outstanding Stopping Ability

You need exceptional stopping power when zipping around at top speeds of 15 mph on a bicycle. To this end, the Ancheer mountain bikes ships with 26-inch anti-slip thickset tires mounted on magnesium alloy wheels. The rear and front-mounted disc-brakes give you the necessary stopping power when you need it. The thick tires ensure that you have excellent traction whether you’re taking on other motorists around town, tearing down an off-road trail, or scaling a hill with loose gravel.

Easy Switch System

An intuitive console lets you choose the riding mode that suits your needs when in the electric mode. You can opt to have the bike fully powered and simply work the throttle to keep the bike in motion. You can also opt for the pedal assistance mode. Here you have a choice of low, mid, and high assistance levels to help you pedal faster without breaking a sweat. A quick press of a button lets you select the amount of pedal assistance you need. You can also turn off all the electric functions when you need to give your legs a workout.


If the 26-inch wheels on this folding e-bike are a tad too high for you, you can opt for a lower riding model. The Ancheer Folding Bike with a 36V Battery, 7-Speed Shifter and 20” Rims makes a great alternative.

The Final Verdict

Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike is perfect for people who want to enjoy hitting the trails but aren’t in the peak condition. The 250W engine propels you at top speeds of 15 mph while the dual shock system lets you glide over portholes. A rear and from disc braking systems give you total control whenever you need to stop. This electric mountain could be a perfect choice if you are just starting out and aren’t sure that you’ll be able to manage a full ride with no assist at all.

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