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For a great casting experience, you need a fishing tool that will not disappoint when it comes to catching big fish. For the best fishing results, you need to have a solid casting rod with great features attached to it.

There are quite a lot of baitcasting rods out there that may have very different attributes for a unique fishing experience. To be a good angler, you must also be quite versatile and try different methods to catch that big one.

In this review, we take a closer look at some of the best baitcasting rods to allow you to make an informed choice. Let's get right to it!

Comparison Chart

Sougayilang Telescopic Baitcasting Rod

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod

Shimano FX 6’0 M Fishing Rod

Fiblink 4 Pieces Travel Casting Rod

Entsport E Series – Camo Legend Baitcasting Rod

Best Baitcasting Rod Reviews

Telescopic Baitcasting Rod From Sougayilang

The name of this casting rod says a lot about the quality you get when buying this rod for your Bass fishing.


This medium baitcasting rod is made from a high-quality carbon fiber technology to gives you a very strong fishing tool. With it, you get quite a strong fishing rod that will help to make your casting very easy, even for beginners. All in all, this casting rod is durable and well designed for a long, pleasurable life of fishing service.

You get a tip on this casting rod that is designed for added strength as well as very high sensitivity. This extra sensitivity allows for much better detection of a nibble or bite, to improve your timing and hook set. All these extra little features may seem insignificant, but it will greatly improve your catching rates and overall casting performance.

With the Sougayilang telescopic casting rod, you will be able to fish for much longer with the lightweight of the rod. This may help to improve better movement and, in the process, increase range and accuracy when you are casting the rod. The very comfortably designed grip will help keep fatigue to a bare minimum while allowing you to handle hard-fighting fish.

Talking of casting with ease, the nice, high-quality guides come to mind for a very easy casting style. The casting guides will help keep line slippage to a low minimum for much better accuracy on the cast. These guides also allow the use of many different types of line and even the use of braid line.

With this excellent casting rod, there is, unfortunately, one flaw, and that is with the telescopic action of the rod. This action is very difficult to use in the opening and the closing action. This may cause some difficulty and may even cause the rod to break while you struggle to open or close it.

Another not so good thing about this purchase is that there is no carry case included with the casting rod. This means that you will have to fork out extra money if you want to store it between uses safely. And if you use it in harsh terrain or tough situations, it may become damaged without a protective case.


  • Strong and durable
  • A high-sensitive tip
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to cast rod


  • No smooth telescopic action
  • There is no carry case included

Torrent ll Baitcasting Rod From Piscifun

You always get strong and versatile baitcasting rods from the Piscifun that will make your fishing hobby quite memorable.


There are a few features added to this great casting rod from Piscifun that will make your life much easier. One of them is the conveniently placed hook keeper that will allow for fast hooking and unhooking of the bait. Another of these nice features included is the anti line twist tip that allows for a much longer casting distance.

With this casting rod, you will get versatility in the fact that you can go for medium bait as well as heavier bait. This is after all a medium-heavy baitcasting rod to allow for a wide variety of bait weights at the same time. This heavy power rod is excellent for the beginner to experience much better flexibility and versatility.

The conveniently placed casting guides are of very high quality and will help for more accurate casting. It will also help minimize the slippage of the line as well as prevent those annoying insert pop-outs. A variety of line types can be used with these strong and convenient casting guides, and you can also use braid line.

You get a very comfortable grip that is designed for better handling for these casting rods and it will prevent your hands from slipping. This will happen even if your hands or the rod become wet, and it will also minimize the risk of your hands becoming tired. In the event of a hard fighting fish, it will allow you to have a much stronger grip on the rod.

There is a negative aspect of this rod, and that is the reel tightening mechanism is of mediocre quality. It is made from plastic, and it may break after some use, and you may lose a reel or rod.

You also do not get a protective case or bag included when you purchase this casting rod and may mean extra cost. The problem may be minor, but your fishing rod will need some type of protection when not in use.


  • A comfortable split grip
  • Quite easy to cast
  • Convenient hook keeper
  • Strong and durable


  • Reel tightening mechanism is a bit mediocre
  • Doesn't come with a protective case

SHIMANO FXC 2-Piece Casting Rod

With the SHIMANO casting rod, you get a 2-piece rod that is nicely balanced, strong, and quite sturdy.


This fast action rod is great to use for worm and jig fishing with the nice long casting you get with it. The rod also allows for a very sensitive tip to help improve your reaction time as well as your overall hook set. This will also help to improve your catching rates as well as your overall fishing performance.

When you purchase this rod, you get a rod that is well designed and manufactured to give you a strong rod. It is also made from high-quality materials and engineered to be well-balanced for a very easy and accurate casting experience. The extra weight on the rod will help to fight the very strong fish and create a more favorable outcome.

The rod from SHIMANO allows for a much better casting distance and a more accurate casting for better baiting. This heavy power is great for beginner fishermen to provide them with a much better learning curve and experience. But it is also great for the more experienced bait casters for improved distance and accuracy.

With this rod, you can easily concentrate on improving your casting distance; that is what it is built for. And not just the distance, but also a very easy casting that can be achieved with the high-quality guides installed. So it will help to build great casting for the beginner and help improve casting skills for the experienced bait caster.

However, the fact that the back part of this pole is made from quite heavy materials means it will tire you easy. This is not good for a long fishing session where it will cause you to become tired faster than with a lighter rod.

The grip is not entirely made for a very long casting time in mind with the fact that it is a bit uncomfortable. It may temper your fishing experience a bit when you become tired too quickly with hard-fighting fish.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Very easy to cast
  • High-quality guides
  • A fast action rod


  • Back part made of heavy materials
  • Uncomfortable grip

Four-Piece Travel Casting Rod From Fiblink

Here you get a nice, highly portable rod that can easily be packed and transported to any fishing destination.


With this item, you get quite a durable carry bag that will help to protect your pole in between sessions. It is also great to store the rod out of the way, diminishing the chances of damage to your fishing tool.

Still busy with the portability of this rod, it can easily be assembled and be broken up after use. This makes it fit to travel with you in a carry-on suitcase when making use of air travel as a nice fishing companion.

The reel seat is well designed and will very easily hold the reel stable and sturdy. The hoods of this reel seat are made from high-quality stainless steel to resist corrosion as well as rust for longevity.

You also get a sturdy split grip that is made from high-grade cork that provides a stable grip for the hands. This cork handle is designed to be non-slip for a better fishing experience and to minimize the chance of your hand becoming tired.

There is one problem with this rod, and that is a flaw in the design that leaves it with a low sensitivity tip. This will influence your reaction timing, and you may have a mediocre set up when you do not detect nibbles.

It is also not very suitable to use for heavier types of fish. This may not be a problem, but in the long run, it may prove to be annoying when you are backpacking and hungry.


  • A rod protection bag included
  • Can break up into a small compact bag
  • A strong reel seat
  • Sturdy split grip


  • Does not have a very sensitive tip
  • Not suitable for heavy fish types

E-Series Camo Legend Casting Rod From Entsport

With the E-series baitcasting rod from Entsport, you get a versatile rod that will provide you with a classic bass fishing experience.


You get two front end tips with this baitcasting rod that will provide you with a backup in the event of breakage. This is great if you lose a tip as it will not end your fishing session abruptly, leaving you dissatisfied.

The rod from Entsport is well-designed to give you a sturdy fishing tool that will provide long, pleasurable fishing hours. It is constructed from high-quality carbon fiber materials that make it strong and very durable, yet quite lightweight.

A sensitive tip is essential to better reaction time and bait setup, and that is what is provided with this set. It will significantly improve the fishing rate of the beginner as well as for the more experienced caster.

For minimizing the chance of overly tired hands, you get a very comfortable non-slip grip for your hands.  This allows for a long fishing session without becoming tired too quickly, thus providing you with a more satisfying fishing experience.

There is, unfortunately, no protective bag or case included with this rod which will cost extra money for you. It leaves your fishing rod exposed to rough handling and harsh conditions that may lead to unnecessary damage.

It can also not be used to catch very large fish types and may result in longer hours of fishing when casting. If you are casting for the pot, it may cause a problem when you have to feed a few hungry people. This best baitcasting rod should be on your list. 


  • Two tips are included
  • Strong and sturdy
  • A high sensitive tip
  • Strong non-slip grip


  • No protective bag included
  • It is not suitable for heavier fish


After much consideration, it seems that the best baitcasting rod choice is the telescopic casting rod from Sougayilang. This comes at quite an affordable price and has a lot of extra features included that makes it quite valuable.

The SHIMANO baitcasting rod will make a worthy second choice in the fact that it is lower priced if you are on a tight budget. This piece is versatile and can be used for different types of fishing and comes in a variety of sizes as well.

Regardless of your choice, both these casting rods are great for many hours of pleasurable fishing for everybody out there. If you didn't find what you were looking for here then consider reading our review of the best fishing rods



Baitcasting rods usually have different lengths, and as an angler, it's important to know the purpose of the various lengths. The length ranges from five to eight feet, although sometimes, it could be more. Okay, so which one should you buy? Well, it depends on what you want. If you looking to fish in a confined area like mangroves, swamp, and the likes, then a short rod would be your best bet. 

However, long baitcasting rods give anglers more control over a fish and they are most ideal for making long casts. For the weight of the rod, you have to put into consideration the weight of the lure. Rod weight is usually categorized into heavy, medium-heavy, medium, light and ultra-light. So, as you would expect, the heavier your lure, the heavier the rod you would need.


Power is basically the pressure required to make a rod bend. This is largely dependent on the weight of the rod. We already talked about weight. So, if you have a heavy baitcasting rod, you would need to apply more pressure to make it bend compared to a lighter rod. Therefore, with a heavier rod, more heavy power is needed, and you are able to fight with a bass better.


The action of a baitcasting rod describes the point a rod gets to before it transfers heavy power to the blank. A balance between power and action is important for proper casting. Action influences the rate at which the hook is transferred to the bass or any other fish. It’s the major factor that determines the rod’s sensitivity.

Some manufactures use the same weight rating for action. But, most companies prefer to use speed variations for their action rating. That is; Fast, slow, medium, and medium light action. This gives you a clear picture of what action is. So, fast rods would normally stop bending quickly before transferring the power to the rod’s blank. To fully understand the differences between slow and fast action, let’s go into some details.


A slow action rod would bend far toward the handle. It gives the rod a kind of whippy action. Therefore, the word slow comes in because it would take the rod a longer time to stop bending compared to a fast rod. As a result, it becomes more difficult to set your hook once a bass strikes.  

Slow actions rods are best used when you want to cast light baits or multi-hook lures like rattle baits and crankbaits that require less sensitivity and focuses more on keeping a captured fish hooked.


A fast action rod on the hand would stop bending faster than a slower rod. It will usually bend to three or four inches at which point the power finally settles on the blank. A fast action rod gives a baitcaster the stability needed to get a hook right into a target fish’s mouth. It is most ideal for using single-hook lure in high cover areas where there’s grass. It also works well with heavy lures and is good for bottom fishing.


Baitcasting rods material doesn't come in so many varieties. The most common fishing rod materials are graphite and fiberglass.  When it comes to lightness, graphite blanks are lighter than fiberglass. Graphite is a blend of carbon fiber, therefore, it stronger and has more sensitivity than fiberglass material. The best baitcasting rods for bass fishing are made out of graphite. 

Graphite rods are more expensive but are considered to be the best choice among most baitcasters. However, if you need more bend in your rod blank, graphite might not be your best option. Fiberglass rods give you the necessary bend when you are using a bait that requires slow action. Ultimately, Graphite rods are considered to have more durability.


Most spinning and baitcasting rods would usually have the recommended line and lure weight written on it. So, what exactly does this mean, and how does it affect the rod? First, the line weight is the optimal weight of a fishing line for a rod. You would must times see it being described in pounds. If you use a heavy line with a light rod, the rod could break.

Before picking a rod with a particular line rating, you should consider the action expected. If you want slow action, then a low line weight rod is your go to rod. The reverse is the case if you want fast action. 

The lure weight on the other hand describes the weight of the lure you want to use for casting. It increases proportionally with the line weight. So, if your rod can handle a high line weight rating, then it should be able to handle a heavy lure.
Note that if you use a very light lure, your rod might not bend properly and would result in you having a short cast. On the flip side too, if you over-load a rod by using a lure that is way heavier than its rating, then you put your rod in danger of breaking due to overstress.

Manufacturers test ratings are a good suggestion of the lure weight you should use. So, if you plan to use a light lure, choose a rod with a low test rating.



Along the length of a rod’s blank, there are circular piece rings attached to it called line guides. Its construction is such that it allows the threading of a fishing line across the blank. The number of line guides on a rod differs, however, they are all usually made from metal, plastic, or ceramic.

Good line guides help anglers detect a strike that is transmitted from a fishing line to blank. There are two major line guides sizes used for bass fishing. Standard and micro guides. Because micro guides are smaller, they keep the fishing line close to a rod blank compared to the standard guides that are wider.  As a result, you get better performance with your casts, and you are able to fight a fish better.


The reel seat is that part towards the butt end of a rod where a reel is mounted. There are not so many options when it comes to reel seats. They are all made of aluminum or graphite, and saltwater rods seats are mostly larger so that they can accommodate the large reels used in these rods.

But regardless of that, they all serve the same singular purpose. Because different anglers have their preferences, it is advisable that you test different rods to get the best reel seat that is comfortable for you. Also, test a reel with the reel seat to have a feel of the combination. Big brands like Fuji make replacement reel seats of good quality. So, you can check those out.


The handle is that part of the rod where you place your hands during fishing. The main types available are Eva foam form or Cork handle, and sometimes a combination of both. Both are easy to grip and a fairly light too. The length of the handle is the main thing anglers pay attention to.

Long cork handles or eva foam handles are best used for long casts and heavy baits because they make it easy for the angler to use both hands. Therefore, you can generate the forward force needed when casting. Short handles are ideal for lighter baits where one hand is okay for casting.

Manufacturers also make handles with different grips. There's the full grip, pistol grip, and split grip handle. Spilt grips have less material, so they reduce the overall weight of a rod. They are also said to have more sensitivity than other grips. Nonetheless, if you have a long cast in mind, the full grip is better because it makes the use of both hands easy.



Casting a line to fish for bass or any other fish is not just about the kind of baitcasting rod you use. Many anglers wrongly assume that all they have to do is to fling the bait into the water, and then a fish would come. Well, more experienced anglers know that it's not that simple.

There is a skill that comes with fishing for that trophy bass you’ve been looking to catch. Before anything, make sure you tighten your tension knob so that it falls slowly, you don't want to want to make a lot of noise with your lure once it hits the water. This technique is most useful for beginners.  

Most people have a hard time fishing in windy weather because it could be difficult to straighten the line under this condition. What you can do here is to let the lure fall freely, and when it just about to hit the water, pull the line. This is to ensure that the lure falls straight into the water.

Another trick is that using soft baits or jigs are ideal if you are a beginner because they don’t cause so much splash that could scare your target away. Ultimately, with more practice, you would be more skilled at using a rod.


So, some people wonder if baitcasting rods have any special benefits over spinning rods. For starters, baitcasting rods have their reels sitting on top, and it has a spool that stays inline with the rod. Therefore, you have more control of the line than with spinning rods where the reel is lying perpendicular to the rod.

Because you have better control of the line, you have a high chance of making a more accurate cast. You are also able to slow down your lure so that it falls softly into the water without scaring off a target fish. With baitcasting rods, you have the cranking power necessary for some high-drag baits like crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

A lot of people don't know this, but you can actually cast a heavy line with a baitcasting rod farther than a spinning rod of equal size.


A baitcasting reel braking system is just like that of a car or bike. It is designed to control the spool’s rotation during a cast. This is similar to the effect a car’s brake has on its tires. In this case, the spool is the tire.

And like a car, you can control the extent to which friction is applied by the brake. This is like the hardest part of using a baitcaster rod for beginners. If you fail to set the brakes properly, the spool would over-spin, and you would experience a frustrating backlash.

It takes time to be fully comfortable with your reel’s braking system. If you start off newly with the brakes completely loose, your spool would still keep spinning even when your lure hits the water. If this happens, you would get a bird's nest, which could be very difficult to untangle.

So, if you are not experienced with a baitcasting reel braking system, then the best thing for you to do is to tighten the brake knob. With this, your lure would fall slowly, and there would be no backlash. Not to worry, with time when you get more comfortable with the brake, you would be able to control the spool better with your line moving faster.


Baitcasting rods are a pretty impressive invention. Without any doubt, they would remain for long in the fishing equipment arsenal. Even though they are difficult to master, it’s still your best bet if you want to catch a big fish.

However, when it comes to performance, the best baitcasting rods would not be rated equally. The performance of a rod is defined mainly by its action, power, and the quality of its material. Sensitivity is very important for optimal performance. And as you would expect, not every baitcasting rod would offer the same thing here.

Lastly, you should know that there’s no baitcasting rod that is 100% perfect. You just have to know the one that has the right performance for your type of fishing technique. Brands like St Croix, Ugly stik, Kasting perigee, are worthy of mention because they have established a good reputation of producing high-performance baitcasting rods with friendly budget price.

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