Best Camera Backpack for Hiking

Best Camera Backpack for Hiking
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Hiking has been a favorite activity across the globe since the 19th century. It’s an adventurous activity people do for thrill-seeking or recreation or even both. According to Statista, in 2017, there were a total of 44.9 million people who participated in hiking in the United States alone. That is just in one country and in just one year. Just imagine how many other hikers there might be in the world.

It’s not surprising that a lot of people fall in love with hiking. It helps many people stay fit and healthy regardless of age and physique. More and more new trails are being developed each year in different countries which attract tourists who are not just hikers but travel-junkies as well. Each hike is unique on its own. Some trails are smooth and easy, while some require more courage and audacity.

Compared to other similar sports like mountaineering or spelunking, hiking does not require many materials or complicated tools to get started. You just need to wear the proper hiking attire based on the weather of your location and bring the basic necessities – food, water, flashlight, first aid kit, etc.

But above all, who will ever forget to bring their camera? Aside from the new experience, we want to make sure that we capture the breath-taking views along the trail. That is why bringing a high-power camera is also a necessity in hiking.

You can't fully enjoy your hike if you are not able to pack all your items neatly in one bag. So to make sure you have a hassle-free journey, you need to choose the best backpack that will accompany you in every step you take along your chosen trail. The satisfaction of your hiking experience will highly depend on the quality of the backpack that you will carry along with you.

Be it a 30-minute hike or the ultimate hike along the Great Trail in Canada which is a 10-month-walk in average, a fine backpack will absolutely come a long way. Amateur or professional, you need a reliable backpack where you can store your camera and other gadgets you intend to carry with you.

In hiking, it is vital to secure all your costly and important belongings from rain or damages. That is why the backpack should not only hold all your things together, but it should also protect all the significant things inside it.

So let us help you know the five best camera backpacks for hiking.

Best Camera Backpack for Hiking
Comparison Chart

Endurax Video Camera Backpack Fit 2 DSLR/SLR Camera

Evecase Hard Shell SLR DSLR Camera Bag Backpack

G-raphy Camera Backpack Bag Hiking Travel Backpack

Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack

Vanguard Havana 48 Backpack

Best Camera Backpack for Hiking Reviews

Endurax Video Camera Backpack

This backpack is stylish and ergonomic at the same time. The camera compartment can hold up to two SLR cameras with 3-5 lenses or a 15.6-inch laptop. It also has an additional compartment that can securely fit an iPad. The bag is lightweight and has a movable divider that lets you transform a whole bag into a travel laptop bag.

The movable divider makes organizing easier and does not constrain you from putting different sizes of gadgets in every use as the division is adjustable. Aside from the camera compartment, the other compartment surprisingly has enough space to fit your other personal belongings.

The Endurax Video Camera Backpack lets you put your mind at ease during trail walking as the bag comes with a water rain cover which is made from waterproof material so you do not have to worry about rainwater getting into your bag and damaging your gadgets.

It is also secured, not just from water, but from burglars as well. The bag zippers are made from the YKK Anti-Theft brand system so you will not be scared of traveling with your expensive gadgets. For additional safety during trail walking, the bag has an outdoor reflection strip.


The Endurax Video Camera Backpack can work for both amateur and professional photographers that do not need to bring a lot of items during hiking.

The bag is not that heavy and is ideal for long trail walking but can fit a good quantity of stuff both for photography tools and hiking gear. Since it is lightweight and convertible to a laptop bag, it can be brought as hand-carry baggage when traveling via air.

The items inside the bag can be easily organized with its compartment. The space for the camera has a movable divider so it can be used for different brands as well as different sizes of DSLR or SLR. The YKK Anti-Theft zippers work but do not ensure overall safety of the belongings. The rain cover works great and is tested to be waterproof even during a heavy downpour.


  • Endurax Video Camera Backpack
  • Waterproof rainwater cover
  • Secured with Anti-theft YKK zippers
  • Compatible to many if not all camera brands
  • Convertible to a laptop bag


  • Cannot fit large scale professional camera

Evecase Hard Shell SLR DSLR Camera Bag Backpack

The Evecase Camera Bag Backpack has a large main compartment that lets you arrange your items in any way you want. The divisions are easily moved with its re-arrangeable divider made possible by Velcro attachment.

The top part of the compartment lets you put in some books and even jackets while the lower part is for the camera and its accessories. The top part has many pockets and pouches that can keep all your personal traveling necessities.

The backpack can hold only one camera with 2-5 lenses and a 15.6-inch laptop. The camera compartment size is compatible with many, if not all camera brand models. The front part of the bag has secret zippers that let you easily access the camera from the inside of the bag.

The straps are padded and breathable with an additional waist strap to avoid back pain.


The Evecase Hard Shell SLR DSLR Camera Bag Backpack has a large space for both photography tools and hiking gear or traveling necessities. With the compartment design, it is easy to organize your stuff.

The straps are padded alright but the waist belt is not as comfortable, especially when the bag gets a little heavier, although, during long trail walks, the harness and straps are ventilated enough to feel comfortable.


  • Waterproof exterior
  • With additional waist strap to avoid lower back pain


  • Stores only one camera
  • The waist belt is not comfortable to wear

G-raphy Large Professional DSLR Camera & Laptop Travel Backpack

This backpack is best for intense photoshoots that will require you to carry high-powered cameras and many accessories. The G-raphy Travel Backpack can hold two professional SLR cameras, three to four lenses, a mega-wide screen 17-inch laptop, flashes, and other gadgets. It has a designated compartment for a tablet as well.

The backpack has outer fabric that is waterproof but it also comes with a total coverage rain cover for you. It also promises pain-free hiking with its padded straps and harness with an ergonomic hip belt that has pockets in it for additional storage.

The bag has a tripod belt and a built-in luggage ID tag. It also has a removable camera bag that lets you wear your camera in a smaller, separate shoulder bag.


The G-raphy Large Professional DSLR Camera & Laptop Travel Backpack lets you be highly organized since all the dividers are removable. But it is not recommended for long walks as the bag in itself is heavy. The bag is big and heavy but offers a lot of space for your camera accessories and has a large laptop compartment.

The separate gadget bag is helpful and very useful, even outside traveling and hiking.


  • Waterproof outside fabric
  • Tripod attachment system
  • Easy to organize with movable dividers
  • Has ample space both for hiking and photography


  • Weight of bag is not light

Endurax Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack for Outdoor Hiking Trekking with 15.6 Laptop Compartment

This backpack is ingeniously designed for professional photographers as it can hold two large professional cameras along with its many accessories. The camera space allows an attached lens up to a maximum length of 18 inches. It has additional storage for 6 to 8 lenses, 2 to 3 flashes, a 15.6-inch laptop, a tablet, and mini pockets for small important things like a cell phone, memory cards, etc.


The Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack is known for its comfort during long trails. The straps are padded to avoid pain in the shoulders and have a harness that lets you hang a camera around your neck for taking quick snaps when you walk.

Although it is not fully waterproof, the backpack comes with a total coverage rain cover to protect your gadgets from water. It also has a single camera bag which can be worn around your waist to separate it from the rest of the bag or you can just put it inside the backpack as it perfectly fits the bottom compartment.


  • Outside hard-shell protection to secure the gadgets inside from damage
  • Can fit two large cameras and their many accessories
  • Comes with a shoulder bag that could separate the lower compartment which makes it a totally separate bag
  • Detachable and movable dividers
  • Compartment for 15.6-inch laptop and a secure pocket for a small tablet
  • Has tripod system


  • Not waterproof
  • Bag weight is a little heavy in itself
  • Does not have much space for hiking or other personal stuff

Vanguard Havana 48 Backpack for Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm Mirrorless, Compact System Camera (CSC), DSLR, Travel

The Vanguard Havana 48 Backpack is loved for its very dapper style. Beyond the design, the backpack offers comfort during your trail walking with fine padded straps and a harness.

This bag can only fit one camera but it can hold it with attached lens. The bag has additional space for 2 to 3 lenses and flash accessories. There is also a safe laptop compartment, although for a maximum size of 15 inches only. To add, just in case you need to bring another laptop, there is an outside sleeve that can hold a 13-inch laptop.

Aside from the camera compartment, it has a large, separate compartment for your other belongings.


This backpack is very trendy and stylish but can only hold one camera. It is perfect for simple photo sessions and short trail walks. The straps of the bags are comfortable but the waist belt does not have padding or foam in it which can make it uncomfortable over time. The back panel is also not padded thus putting stress on the back if the bag gets heavy.


  • Thick padding around the camera
  • Additional laptop compartment
  • Lightweight


  • The waist belt is not comfortable
  • Not so comfortable back panel as it is not padded
  • Can only hold one camera

Final Verdict

Our take on the best camera backpack for hiking is the Endurax Video Camera Backpack. It is light, unlike most of the other backpacks, but it does not compromise capacity. With its deliberate design for hiking and photoshoots, the Endurax Video Camera Backpack offers enough compartments for your professional camera and hiking gear.

Not only does it have enough room for everything, but this backpack also makes organizing a lot easier because of its adjustable divider. No need to worry about bringing different professional cameras on different trips because this backpack can fit almost all with its removable and re-arrangeable dividers.

However, some very high-scale cameras will not fit because the backpack is designed to be light and comfortable to take along during a hike or a walkathon. Nevertheless, it is generous to have a compartment to fit two DSLR / SLR cameras with several lenses and flashes.

While all that has been said, the Endurax Video Camera Backpack does not only have a fine design for backpacking, it also offers extra features for security and safety.

The waterproof rain cover, the YKK anti-theft zippers, and the outside reflective strips are really helpful during traveling and they add to the backpack’s overall usefulness.

So with all the items Endurax Video Camera Backpack can fit and the comfort it brings, it is indeed the best camera backpack for hiking. If you are bringing a high-scale professional camera, and fear that it will not fit this lightweight backpack, Endurax offers a bigger bag but will definitely be heavier.

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