Best Folding Mountain Bike of 2020: Top Five Picks

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Enjoying outdoor activities is something that we should all cherish, as they are beneficial for both our physical and mental health.

One of the most attractive activities is riding a mountain bike. While this may seem quite expensive to indulge in, there are actually a number of mountain bikes on the market that are quite budget-friendly. And you don't have to worry about your mountain bike taking up so much space. 

We will do our best to present the best folding mountain bikes, highlighting the key bike features and traits of each such as full suspension, number of speeds, quick release clamps, and brakes. So without further ado, let's take a look at what these best folding mountain bikes have to offer you.

Comparison Chart

Montague Paratrooper Pro MTB 27 Speed Folding Mountain Bike

Oyma Power 26 Inch Mountain Bike

Omeng Shock Speed Mountain Bike

LZBIKE Bicycle G4 26-inch Bike Mountain Bike

Oyma Power Folding Shimanos Mountain Bike

Best Folding Mountain Bike Reviews

Montague Paratrooper Pro MTB 27 Speed Folding Mountain Bike

When it comes to brands that offer great quality to price ratio, Montague folding mountain bike is certainly among the best. This Montague Paratrooper folding bike seems just perfect for adults who are between 4'8" and 5'2" in height.

Portable, attractive, and with great equipment that follows along, it is a bike that you are sure to fully enjoy!


First and foremost, we love the fact that this mountain bike is highlighted by great additional equipment. Apart from all the necessary parts, including a sturdy aluminum frame and a lockout suspension, you are also looking at a convenient storage bag.

The branded carry case will allow you to take your folding mountain bike wherever you go. Also, there is an outdoor touring guide book that should give you additional ideas on how to have fun with your new bike.

When it comes to the bike features that this mountain bike is highlighted by, we would start by mentioning the quality folding frame size, which is set at 16 inches. While this is considered small, it is just perfect for adults who are up to 5’ 2” tall.

What you should be aware of is that this bike is quite light considering how heavy some other models are. You are looking at 31.6 pounds with a compact design that offers great portability once folded. The dimensions are set at 36 x 28 x 12 inches.

The front wheel and rear wheel size is quite important, as well. Being set at 26 inches, you shouldn’t have a lot of issues maintaining full control over your bike.

The 27 speed shimano gears are easy to adjust the foldable mountain bike to, which will result in a number of different tricks that you can do with your mountain bike. Probably the most important feature of this high quality bike is the lockout suspension of 100 mm that will allow you to get over even the roughest of terrains. Treat this bike right and it will be long lasting. 

The foldable bike is equipped with a couple of different stands, including a cargo, rack, kick, and work stand. Additionally, a couple of mechanical disc brakes should offer you better control over the speeds, especially when it comes to controlling the speeds in wet weather.

Our main issue with this foldable bike is that the kickstand simply is not convenient enough. It can’t hold enough weight and doesn’t offer great results when it comes to folding. This bike is also not considered a full suspension bike but the lockout suspension is solid. 

Also, we would be much happier if there was more information about the warranty policy. However, the overall design, as well as the speeds and maneuverability that you are getting out of this bike, are worth the price.


  • Ideal bike dimensions for 4’8” to 5’2” adults
  • Highlighted by 27 speed shimano gears - great for added usability
  • Features 100 mm lockout suspension
  • Easy to control, great stoppage in wet weather
  • Comes with a couple of different stands


  • Kickstand could be more convenient
  • No info on warranty policy, which is frustrating

OYMA Power 26 Inch Mountain Bike

Getting on with our best folding mountain bike list, it is hard not to mention this Oyma Power 21 speed folding model. If you are looking to get a folding mountain mountain bike that works great in wet weather and doesn’t come at a hefty price, then this is probably the best choice for you.


The main highlight of this folding bike is that it offers a great anti-slip technology, which is what a mountain bike should be highlighted by in the first place. What allows this is great traction at the front wheel and rear wheel, as well as brake and rear and front suspension that is built-in. The folding mountain model has a dual suspension but not considered a full suspension frame. It does have a suspension for to help absorb the big bumps. 

Much like other foldable bikes, this mountain bikes comes with a steel folding frame. The folding bike also features convenient welding technology that should provide enough stability even on rough terrains.

When it comes to the wheels, these come with 26-inch wheels in diameter and are made out of alloy. They are supported with 6 spokes that are there to provide improved safety. Additionally, with its 21 speed shimano gears, you can choose different speeds at any time depending on the terrain and other outdoor conditions.

What we love is that this folding mountain bike comes with both front and rear disc brakes, which adds to the already great maneuverability of this bike. Lastly, it is incredibly easy to fold and store, with the weight of it being just above 40 pounds.

However, the handlebar could be more convenient, as it is not really great for inexperienced drivers. Still, there is not much to complain about in terms of overall quality and driving ability. This bike should be build to last. 

Oyma Power did a great job in designing this bike and ensuring optimal safety for anyone who rides it.


  • Solid rims with 6 spokes
  • Highlighted by 21 speeds folding bike
  • Comes with rear and front disc brakes
  • Dual Suspension makes for great for a smooth ride
  • Easy to fold and transport anywhere you want


  • Handlebar would have to be more convenient
  • Sketchy warranty policy

Omeng Shock Speed Mountain Bike

Another popular brand for folding mountain bikes is Omeng. This brand is considered to be the leading name in the industry for mountain bikes that are suitable for inexperienced riders. The Omeng Shock Speed Folding biking is something full of options. 

Adjustable and coming with a great braking system that is made to last, it is a buy that you will not regret!


First and foremost, we should emphasize that this folding mountain bike comes in a few different colors, including blue, black, and white. All three are equally attractive, so it all comes down to your personal preference.

What we love about this folding mountain bike is that, much like the previous two folding bike models, it is able to provide great full suspension shock absorption. This is mostly due to the dual suspension (front suspsenion and rear suspension) that it is equipped with in the front and rear. Additionally, the high-carbon steel frame does its part in ensuring great durability and comfort.

Another important trait is that this folding dual suspension bike comes with both rear and front brakes. This means that riding in terrains such as mud and sand should be quite enjoyable.

It is also quite important to mention the quick-release clamp that will allow you to fold it within a couple of movements.

Not to mention, this foldable mountain bike comes with a unique tire that allows easy changing between different speeds and great stoppage. You can choose between the 21 speed modules, which improves your chance of smooth riding on hilly terrain off road while staying safe.

Our main issue with this foldable mountain bike is that it doesn’t clip together that well. Thus, while folding is quite simple, you need to carefully lean it against a wall in order to ensure it stays in its place.

While the aforementioned design concern exists, after looking at how the suspension system works and its overall maneuverability, it is a worthy choice!


  • Comes with a unique tire that is perfect for hilly terrains
  • Highlighted by 21 speeds - perfect for mountain bike rides
  • Full suspension - with front and rear suspension
  • Great control in mud and in wet conditions
  • Convenient braking system for proper safety


  • Doesn’t clip together for easy storing
  • Not ideal for adults above 5’6” tall

LZBIKE Bicycle G4 26-inch Mountain Bike

If we were to talk about budget-friendly foldable bikes, this LZ G4 folding bike is a model that you should certainly look into.

While it comes in only a single green variation, it is well-made and is sure to allow you to enjoy a good ride on hilly terrain.


As we have mentioned above, the basic color that this folding mountain bike comes in is army green, which suits the natural environment perfectly. The bike itself is set at 26", with a left 3 and a right 7 cycle.

When it comes to how fast and convenient it can be on rough terrains, you are looking at 21 speed folding options. The wheels are 3-spoke, which is not as good as the Montague or Oyma Power folding mountain bikes, but it still offers great traction for rougher conditions.

The high quality insurance is set at one year. However, given the fact that the folding bike has a steel frame, you probably won’t have the need to request it.

The ideal rider height for this folding dual suspension mountain bike is between 65-70 inches, which means it is ideal for almost any adult. Also, it can hold up to 220 pounds of weight.

The shock absorption may need some improvement. However, as long as you do your best to adjust your speed and stay cautious, you shouldn’t have an issue.


  • Highlighted by the ability to hold rider weight of up to 220 pounds
  • Recommended rider height is between 65-70 inches
  • Comes with two suspension brakes
  • Features a 21-speed shift for great usability


  • Shock absorption could be better
  • Comes in only a single color

OYMA POWER Folding Shimanos Mountain Bike

Last but not least is an OYMA POWER folding bike of Shimano’s TZ-30/50 folding mountain bike. This folding mountain bike that comes with a 21 speed folding gear set and a number of additional pieces of equipment to help you get through rough terrain.


As we have mentioned above, the size of this folding mountain bike is set at 26 inches. The folding dimensions come in at 37 x 34 x 15 inches, with its weight being just above 40 pounds. Unfortunately, other than the folding mountain bike itself, you aren’t getting any accessories or guide books.

When it comes the foldable bikes highlighted features, you are looking at a steel frame, 7-tower freewheel, as well as a 108 bike chain. The handlebar is Black Shark 31.8, while the tire is a three-knife wheel.

This foldable mountain bike comes with two brakes, including an MTB brake lever, as well as a regular mechanical disc brake system that provides great stopping power. These two work together to ensure that you have optimal control over the bike's movement while on rough and hilly terrains.

Among the most important traits is that it is made out of high-carbon steel. It won't necessarily be considered a lightweight bike, but the steel frame ensures great durability and reliability, which plays an important part for any experienced mountain biker.

We love that the featured wheels are durable and lightweight, which offers great maneuverability in any conditions.

The fact that this foldable mountain bike is made by Oyma Power means that you shouldn’t worry about how it withstands wet weather. However, we would like to see more information on the quality assurance policy, which doesn’t seem to be present.

Also, compared with other folding bikes, we aren’t the happiest that this bike comes in just a single turquoise color, so it may not be suitable for some riders. However, given its dimensions and the fact that you are working with a folding mountain model that offers a fair suspension and speed-shift system, that shouldn’t be your main concern.

Overall, we recommend this product as a fashionable and convenient buy to anyone who is truly eager to explore hilly terrains!


  • Can be used in wet weather and terrain
  • Good suspension for smooth rides
  • Speed folding system helps ensure usability
  • Disc brakes for safety and quick stopping


  • Only comes in one color option


There are a plethora of reasons why you might want to invest in a folding mountain bike. Folding frames are a great option, whether you are a professional biker looking for a portable model, or you are someone who enjoys riding on hilly terrains while on a trip, this type of product can be very beneficial.

Our personal favorite and we believe the best folding mountain bike is the Montague Paratrooper Pro for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it comes at a fair price that is acceptable for those on a tighter budget.

Additionally, the brand is reputable which makes it easy to like. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether it will withstand rough conditions. Also, it is highlighted by an exquisite braking system and offers 27 speeds, which further increases your chances of enjoying tricky terrains.

While the Montague foldable mountain bike model is our personal favorite, the other four folding bikes are still great choices that are worth their price. Thus, if you are still not sure which is the best for you, do some further research and make an educated decision according to your budget and needs!

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