Best Kids Hiking Backpack of 2020 [Buying Guide]

Best Kids Hiking Backpack -
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When it is time to take your kids along on a hiking trip, they will need their own backpacks to carry their stuff. And mostly those things that are going with them will include valuable electronics that need protection while outdoors.

This is a modern age of convenient electronics that force the manufacturers in that particular direction where devices are a must. So you need a backpack that will provide, on top of everything else, functional and safe storage for those devices you pay for.

With this review, we will look at options for the best kids hiking backpack. And as we know what is going into those backpacks, we need to look for quality and value. Let’s take a look at what we have found.

Comparison Chart

Bseash Small Size Waterproof Backpack

G4Free Shoulder Hiking Backpack

OneTrail Mini Me 10 Liter Daypack

Quechua Decathlon Outdoor Backpack

Y&R Direct Sling Bag Sling Backpack

Best Kids Hiking Backpack Reviews

Ultra-Light Hiking Backpack for Kids from Bseash

You get a well-designed backpack for kids that is made from strong and durable materials that will last quite long. You also get a lot of extra space with this backpack that makes it ideal for that camping trip in the wild.


This very nice looking and fashionable backpack is the thing your kid will need for the hiking trip you have in the pipeline. It comes in a variety of colors that will fall in the taste of every boy and girl out there. And that will make the trip even better if they are the proud owner of a beautiful backpack they chose for the journey.

While the kids are on a trip, the last thing they will worry about is whether the backpack will protect their things. So it is up to you, the parent, to make sure that the backpack will protect the essential things in the backpack. But for your peace of mind, these little backpacks from Bseash come coated to be waterproof to protect everything from the rain.

With this little backpack for kids, you have a dedicated sleeve that will hold an iPad safely while on a hiking trip. And also for any other type of electronic device that needs to be safe from the weather and other types of damage. You also have a lot of extra storage pockets included on the outside for things you need quick access to.

It is made from a strong but lightweight material that will help to eliminate fatigue while the child is hiking. This simply means that there is no added weight, so the only weight comes from the items packed inside the backpack. The straps are designed to add to the comfort with padding that is included where it is most needed.

But alas, there is not a lot of main storage available for this backpack that is not even large enough to hold a folder. And to take away some of the good of this backpack, it does not come with a waist strap for better weight distribution.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • This backpack is waterproof
  • Dedicated storage for a tablet included
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Very small main storage space
  • No waist strap included

G4Free Lightweight Shoulder Backpack for Kids

This is a backpack for kids that will fit in any place for storage when it is folded up in the recommended way. And it is a lightweight multi-purpose bag that can be used by anyone that needs small format storage.


This is a nice and sturdy backpack that is made from high-quality materials that will last quite some time. This little backpack will protect all your belongings quite nicely, even when it is raining, or you are in a wet situation. The outer material of this backpack is treated so that it will easily repel water completely from the material.

It is also a dual-purpose backpack that is suitable to be used by kids and adults for convenience and comfort. And inside the backpack, you will find quite an ample storage space to keep even a standard folder without folding it. And when you are done with the backpack, you can fold it up into a small package that you can store easily.

And for the fashionable kids out there, these backpacks come in quite a large variety of colors to suit every taste. The good thing about this is that you can have one for every season to fit your mood from winter to summer. And not to mention the low price point that is attached to this bag to make it possible to have more than one.

This is just the backpack your kid will need for camping trips as well as for day trips and even for shopping. But that is not all; this backpack is ideal for school and also for adults to make it a gym bag. Furthermore, you have quick access pockets available that are perfect for your driver’s license or any other cards.

There are unfortunately not a lot of extra storage pockets added to this backpack to add to the storage capacity of it. And there is no waist strap included with this to improve the comfort of the backpack even further.


  • A dual-purpose backpack
  • It is water repellant
  • This backpack is available in many colors
  • Can be folded into a small package for easy storage


  • Very few storage pockets included
  • It does not come with waist straps included

Mini-Me Hiking Backpack from One Trail

This is a Mini-Me backpack from One Trail that is so easy to carry on the back, you will forget it is there. There is ample space for many things, including if you need more than one water bottle of a larger size.


This backpack is made with comfort and convenience in mind, for all-day hiking with it on your back, without you even noticing it. Then there is the convenient handle added at the top of the bag for a quick grab and go. This will also help when you are getting tired and need to rest your back a bit so you can easily carry it.

Side straps that are included with this backpack will help to set everything firm for a more balanced weight. And it will also help to reduce fatigue while the kids are walking with it on their back on a hiking trip. And it is small and compact but adjustable to be able to fit kids as well as adults on the go.

The dedicated laptop sleeve that comes with this little backpack will help to keep a laptop safe while backpacking or at the gym. This sleeve is padded to keep all other delicate gear safe, so you can pack your phone and everything else in it. This is also great for kids that need to carry an iPad or tablet to school or anywhere else.

It is made from great quality materials that make it strong and durable as well as lightweight for your child's comfort. The bag comes with a lot of storage space that will easily hold everything your child will need on a camping trip. It is also ideal for day trips and can be used as a school bag for smaller kids, or as an everyday backpack.

It is quite expensive and may not be in the price bracket for those people that are on a tight budget. Furthermore, the backpack is not waterproof to keep your things safe in hard rain, but it is water-resistant for light rain.


  • A convenient handle added for hand carrying
  • Side straps are included
  • There is a laptop sleeve included
  • Lightweight and strong


  • It comes with quite a high price tag attached to it
  • The backpack is not waterproof

Quetchua Kids and Adults Outdoor Backpack

This is a strong and functional backpack for hiking that can be used by both adults and kids. It is comfortable and can easily be adjusted to fit many different sized people quite comfortably for many different types of applications.


This backpack may come with a very low price point attached to it, but the value you get contradicts the price you pay. You get a backpack that can be used for not only hiking but also for everyday use for hands-free storage space. This is a real backpack on the go that will make your hiking trip a breeze with the available storage.

It is available in many bright colors, so your child will be spotted easily if they wander off on their own. It is also the ideal backpack for those kids and adults that are fashion-savvy and need to look good all the time. Furthermore, it is also suitable to be used as a sleep-over bag for kids and adults that love traveling.

For those people that work hard and play hard, this is the ideal backpack that will last for a very long time. It is made from a material that will resist the wear and tear of the harsh environments out there. It will also resist water, so if the rain comes down, it will keep your things safe.

The main storage compartment is divided up into two separate storage spaces so you can evenly distribute the weight for comfort. The backpack itself is lightweight and will not add to the weight you must carry while hiking to reduce fatigue. The adjustable straps will also add to the comfort of the backpack while it will help to secure a good carry position.

When it comes to extra storage space on the exterior, this backpack lacks any of that and leaves you with little extra space. And even if it is water-resistant, this backpack will not protect your valuables for a long time from the heavy rains you may encounter.


  • Low price tag
  • Available in many different colors
  • This backpack is tear-resistant
  • You get two main compartments with the backpack


  • Only a few storage pockets included
  • It is not waterproof

Y & R Direct Sling Backpack for Kids And Adults

For those people that are living on the go, this is the ideal backpack or sling bag for lightweight traveling. This is also great for kids when they need a bag for a one day trip or for smaller kids for school.


This sling bag can be quickly changed over from the left shoulder to a right shoulder bag for flexibility and comfort. You only need to change the shoulder strap to the other buckle, and you have a bag for those that are left-handed or the right-handed.

For those people who love bright colors, the bag comes in many different colors for your personal preferences. It is also in black if you don’t want to stand out in the crowd or need to be inconspicuous.

The sling bag from Y & R Direct is made from waterproof materials to keep your valuables safe from the weather. It is the right bag for your iPad or any other electronic device that needs to be kept safe from the elements.

It is made from strong and durable materials to help it last very long, and to provide you with long-lasting service. The material will resist scratching and tearing to keep the bag and your items safe inside the bag.

But it does not come with a dedicated and padded laptop sleeve to keep those valuable electronics safe from damage. This bag is small and may pack a punch, but there is only so much space available inside it.


  • Can be used by left and right-handed people
  • It is available in many colors
  • This sling bag is waterproof
  • It is strong and durable


  • Does not come with a dedicated laptop sleeve
  • Small storage space


It was not easy to choose a winner with all the great features that come with these backpacks, but there is one. The One Trail Mini-Me is ideal for the modern kid that wants to go on a hiking trip.

A runner-up will be the less expensive but just as good backpack for kids from Bseash that may be small but is very comfortable.

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