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When it comes to choosing the right fishing rod for the smaller people out there, your standard gear might be too much. That is why these little pen fishing rods are designed to make life easier for those learner anglers out there.

We will take a look at the smaller and lighter mini fishing rods that are available for younger anglers. And we will also take a closer look at what these cute little fishing rods can provide to the small and entry-level anglers. These rods are easy to handle and to cast

So, let us jump in and investigate what they have in store for us without wasting any more time.

Comparison Chart

Lixada Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Docooler Saltwater Pen Fishing Rod

MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

YOGAYET Ice Fly Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

LANLONG Pen Fishing Rod

Best Pen Fishing Rod Reviews

Lixada Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 

This is a real lightweight casting rod that will not take up a lot of space and can be easily stored. It is also easy to fold up and make a compact and small package that makes it an everyday casting rod.


This is a combo package that includes the rod and a reel to make it easy to use for fishing quickly and easily. You have everything included in this little package to start your fishing session when you get your fishing rod.

It is made from quite sturdy and strong materials to help you to fight the catch easily and to make the rod last. It is also lightweight enough to be used by even the smallest person for making their first catch.

The mini fishing reel included in this package is quite strong and will withstand a lot of handling. It is also equipped with a sturdy copper axis to provide a smooth and easy reeling action to improve your fishing experience.

With the telescopic collapsible feature, this fishing rod will fold up into a very small and easy to handle package. So it can easily be stored in your fishing gear toolbox or even in the glove compartment without taking up any space at all.

And to make everything better, this fishing rod is available in many different colors to provide a more extensive selection. It also provides a nice aesthetic look to the rod to give it a very attractive appearance for everyone’s preferences.

Unfortunately, it might be a bit too lightweight to use, even for medium-sized fish so it might be prone to breaking. That will also prevent you from catching bigger fish and may ruin the greater joy of overall fishing.

The casting of this rod is made a bit difficult with the mediocre quality and lightweight of the rod. The actions also feel a bit flimsy and not that stable, and that might also prevent you from adequately handling this fishing rod.


  • It flexible and lightweight
  • This fishing rod is available in many different colors
  • It is compact
  • Has some extras included for easy fishing


  • Suitable for smaller fish only
  • The casting is a bit difficult

Docooler Saltwater Pen Fishing Rod

This fishing rod will efficiently and quickly retract into a very lightweight and compact pen that will fit in your pocket. And it also comes at quite an affordable price to make it accessible for the many small fishermen out there.


This is the ideal type of fishing rod for when larger fishing gear will just not be the right solution. The small form factor can be taken anywhere without problems or inconvenience for the angler.

With an easy to use reel, you have a very smooth action for reeling in fish without fighting too hard. It also has a forward and reverse ratchet stop for better reel control and better control of the drag.

This little fishing rod is made from reasonable quality aluminum to help improve the rod a bit. The reel is also made from a good quality alloy to provide much better durability.

It will also easily and very conveniently retract into a tiny and compact package for easy mobility and handling. This will also allow the rod to be stored in a very small space without taking too much storage space.

The rod is well-designed to feel quite comfortable and provides a sturdy grip for much better control of the rod. And this mini rod provides you with a nice appearance that will improve the overall aesthetics.

Unfortunately, it can only be used for the very small types of fishes out there that can be easily caught. This makes it the ideal gift for the small fishing enthusiast that is still learning the trade.

There might be some quality issues with the materials used to construct this mini fishing rod. It might cause a problem if the young angler tries to catch larger fish, which might cause some disappointment.


  • It is quite easy to use for fishing
  • Comes with a comfortable grip
  • It is small and lightweight
  • Quick and easy retracting and storing


  • Can be used for smaller fish only
  • There might be some quality issues

MultiOutools Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This small-form fishing rod is made with the little angler in mind to keep them occupied at the fishing sites. It's meant to not just keep them busy but also to help them to catch the smaller fish out there.


This mini pen fishing rod is made from high-quality materials that will help to make it sturdy and durable to last for long. The aluminum it is made of provides a good quality finish to improve the overall durability of this mini fishing rod.

You also get a very nice reel included with the fishing rod that is made durable and of sturdy construction. With the reel, there are many great features added to make your fishing more convenient and provide a better experience.

Some of the great features of the reel are the foldable handle to make it easier to store. There is a durable foot that will quickly and easily attach to the rod without a lot of effort.

This fishing rod will also allow you to easily and quickly retract it into a very small, convenient, and compact package. This means you can store this fishing rod anywhere, or easily carry it with you without it taking up a lot of space.

The small fishing rod comes with a soft touch handle to add to the comfort of this mini fishing rod. It is quite easy to assemble the rod and the reel to make it ready to use for catching fish.

However, even though it is strong and sturdy, it can not be used to catch anything else other than very small fish. This will prevent you from fighting and bringing in the larger types of fish any angler would love to catch.

This mini fishing rod from MultiOutools is a bit on the short side and not very suitable to make very long casts. This might be a bit disappointing for those times you need a rod for casting long and far.


  • It is quite easy to use this fishing rod
  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Quick retracting and easy to store
  • Great features are included


  • Can only be used for small fish
  • It is a bit on the short side

YOGAYET Ice Fly Pen Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This cute but sturdy little fishing rod is great for the beginner angler that is just interested in catching something with it. It will improve the learning curve as well as enhance the experience of the entry-level fishermen out there.


This is quite a strong and durable little fishing rod that will last for quite some time to provide long hours of fishing. It is made from very strong and durable aluminum and is also resistant to rust and corrosion for extra longevity.

It will very easily fold into a tiny and compact pen size package when it is not in use. This allows it to be easily transported to improve the mobility factor of this mini fishing rod provided by Yogayet.

To add to the aesthetics of this mini fishing rod, it is available in many different colors to suit every preference. It is also designed to provide a very comfortable grip on the handle for better control.

Everything you need to get you started on your fishing journey is included with this fishing rod combo. This means the moment you receive and assemble everything, you are ready to catch your first fish.

What is included with this package is the rod and a reel, as well as some hooks and lines for your convenience. This makes the lightweight mini fishing rod the ideal gift for the beginner angler to get them on their way.

Unfortunately, this fishing rod is a bit on the short side when it comes to the casting of the line. For a further cast, you will need a much longer fishing rod than this one, but this is meant for beginners.

It will also not be able to handle larger fish, which might cause some disappointment for the angler. Review our list for best fly fishing rods if you want to catch larger fish. But as we all know, this is an entry-level fishing rod just for catching smaller fish.


  • It is available in many colors
  • Everything you need to start is included
  • Comes with nice features included
  • Flexible and lightweight


  • It can not be used for large fish
  • The fishing rod might be a bit short

LANLONG Pen Fishing Rod

This is the ideal fishing rod for smaller people and beginner anglers. Provided by Langlong, it comes with some nice features included and is also quite affordable to make accessible for many small fishermen out there.


This pen mini fishing rod is made from high-quality materials to make it very durable to last for longer. And it is also very well designed to make it easy to use and assemble to get it ready for fishing.

It can easily and quickly be retracted into quite a small and convenient pen-sized and lightweight package for easy handling. This great feature will increase the user experience and the mobility of this mini fishing rod even more.

This mini fishing rod comes with a high-quality, and very durable reel included to make it easier to get ready. The reel is made to provide an effortless and smooth action for a pleasant fishing experience for the beginner angler.

For better looks and aesthetics, this cute little fishing rod is available in different colors to fit everyone’s preference. It also comes with a nice and strong grip to make it much easier for the angler to control this mini fishing rod.

This one is ideal if you are looking for a lightweight fishing rod that can be used for many different fishing applications. It can be used for dam fishing, from a boat, and even for ice fishing to improve the user experience.

Unfortunately, this fishing rod is designed to be used for very small fish and will only work for that. This might lead to some disappointment if it is to be used for the larger fish out there.

While this mini fishing rod might be ideal for beginners, it will not allow for the long casting for better reach. Shorter fishing rods can not be used for long and far casting, so it might take away some of the greatness of this fishing rod.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • It is quite easy to use
  • Comes with extra features included
  • It is very well designed


  • It is a bit on the short side
  • Only suitable for small and lightweight fish


The one we chose as the best of them all is the Lixada pen fishing rod combo that is available in different sizes and colors. It also comes with many great features attached to it to make your fishing experience easier.

As runner up, we chose the Docooler mini fishing rod that might be a bit more expensive but is made strong and sturdy. So you get great quality to make it a good investment and value for your money.

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