Best Teva Sandals for Hiking of 2020: Top Five Picks

Best Teva Sandals for Hiking -
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Sometimes, all you want to do is go for a hike, but you don’t feel like wearing your chunky hiking boots that get uncomfortable after a while. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem: Teva sandals!

They’re just as durable as your average pair of hiking boots, but they’re much more comfortable and breathable. That makes them perfect for shorter hikes or hikes that don’t involve tricky terrains, like loose rocks or steep inclines.

Let’s take a look at five of the best Teva sandals for hiking.

Comparison Chart

Teva Men’s M Terra FI 4 Sport Sandal

Teva Men’s Holliway Sandal

Teva Men’s M Katavi 2 Sandal

Teva Men’s M Omnium 2 Leather Fisherman Sandal

Teva Men’s Hudson Sandal

Best Teva Sandal for Hiking Reviews

Teva Men's M Terra FI 4 Sport Sandal

Teva was first conceived in the Grand Canyon, all the way back in 1984, when a river guide joined two velcro watchbands to an old pair of flip flops. The result was a shoe that would not easily come off or float away. Nearly 30 years later, the brand has developed into one of the most iconic brands out there due to its comfort and utilitarian style.


Teva is one of the most authentic and trusted brands in the outdoor footwear industry. As you read above, it was founded in the early 1980s and has since developed its shoes, sandals, and boots to be as functional and stylish as they possibly can.

If you’re someone who enjoys hiking across creeks, rivers, ravines, canyons, and most other hiking terrains, but you aren’t a fan of wearing those clunky hiking boots, then Teva has you covered. Their Terra FI 4s are some of the most advanced hiking sandals that the brand has ever created, but they still maintain the simplicity of the original Sport sandals.

The straps, which are webbed, are lined with soft neoprene fabric so that the top of your foot remains comfortable throughout the duration of your hike. This is something that many other brands seem to miss out on, which results in a shoe that leaves the top of your feet feeling irritated and raw.

The footbed, which is made from EVA foam, is contoured so that your foot can fit into them comfortably. The EVA foam makes it feel as though you’re walking on a soft cloud, while also being durable enough to support your feet for as long as you need it.

Sadly, the positioning of the front strap is a bit too far forward. This becomes a problem, as when you bend your toes to walk up an incline or climb a rock, you’re placing quite a lot of tension on the strap, which will wear it out quickly.

You should also note that the velcro strips on the straps are wider than the padding they are attached to. You might find that, when you’re walking around, the velcro slides across the skin of your feet, which can cause blisters after a while.


  • Generous padding
  • Contoured footbed
  • Neoprene fabric straps
  • EVA foam
  • Simple design


  • Velcro may cause irritation
  • Extra tension on front straps

Teva Men's Holliway Sandal

This sporty sandal is great for the fashion-conscious hiker. It looks great both when you’re out in nature and when you’re at the grocery store. It’s available in two colors - Turkish Coffee and Black. It is great for hiking through most kinds of terrain.


The sporty Holliway from Teva features three hooks that are totally adjustable, so you can really get the right fit for your feet. It also comes with a quick-release buckle at the ankle, which lets you take this sandal off in a jiffy - no more struggling with complicated straps.

The footbed itself is made using Teva’s unique ShocPad technology, which absorbs most of the shock that is created when your feet make contact with the ground. This comes in quite handy if you’re hiking through terrain with plenty of ups and downs or where you’ll be jumping from heights frequently.

The Spider Rubber outsole - which is not made from real spiders - increases the traction and durability of the Holliway. You’ll find this is useful for slippery, uphill terrain, or where there’s lots of rain that would make hiking otherwise impossible. The added durability is great for hikers who enjoy getting rough in the outdoors.

The soles are made from faux leather and rubber, which work in combination to make one of the softest footbeds you’ve ever felt. Teva knows that your feet can become quite fatigued if they’re in uncomfortable shoes, and this can make hiking more challenging than it needs to be. This is why they put so much effort into making the footbeds of their shoes as comfortable as possible.

Unlike the FI 4s, the Holliways don't present the same problem of having velcro strips that are too thick for the padding. Instead, the back strap is clipped in, which not only makes them easy to get on and off but makes them a bit more comfortable, as well.

They’re made from 100% synthetic material, so if you subscribe to the vegan lifestyle, then you should have no problem wearing these shoes. Unfortunately, the soles on these shoes are pretty wide, even for men’s shoes, so you might want to consider another pair if you don’t have wide or flat feet.


  • Adjustable hooks
  • Quick-release back clip
  • Shock-absorbing footbed
  • Durable outsole
  • Increased traction


  • Wide footbed
  • Back strap may detach when worn extensively

Teva Men's M Katavi 2 Sandal

Normally, when you wear a hiking shoe or sandal, you’re wearing it for most of the day, rather than just a few hours. Hiking is sometimes quite risky, especially for your feet, and they can quickly get cut, which can lead to infection. The Katavis have you covered, though, thanks to their antimicrobial feature.


Like the Teva Holliways, the Katavis feature an easily adjustable hook, as well as loop straps, that allow you to quickly put these hiking sandals on and take them off just as quickly. The Nylon Shank helps you maintain your stability when hiking through tricky terrain by making it easier to move over wet surfaces.

The unique Microban Zinc protects your feet against any microbial attack that nature might throw at them. We all know how easy it is to injure yourself while hiking, and all experienced hikers have cut, bruised, or punctured their feet at least once on a hike.

The midsole is made from EVA material and is molded to the shape of the foot so that your feet can remain as comfortable as possible while also providing you protection from infection. This is useful since you generally wear the same hiking shoes over and over.

Another unique feature of the Katavis is its air permeability and odor resistance. Since it’s a sandal, you’re already getting more breathability than if you were to wear a hiking boot, but the material used to make the footbed actually helps deter any odors that may form due to sweating or getting the shoe wet.

You should always look for traction in any kind of hiking footwear, as traction is what’s going to spell the difference between being able to climb up that rock or come tumbling down after your foot slips. The Katavis does not disappoint in this regard due to the Durabrasion Rubber, which provides a great grip when walking and climbing.

The midsole features a waffle pattern, which is not always for everyone. If you don’t find this grip pattern comfortable, then you should consider looking at one of the other sandals on this list.


  • Good air permeability
  • Odor resistant
  • Good traction
  • Comfortable midsole
  • Superior stability


  • Narrow near the arch
  • Waffle pattern

Teva Men's M Omnium 2 Leather Fisherman Sandal

Closed-toe sandals might not be the most popular, but the Omnium 2s stand out to hikers looking for breathable, protective footwear. That being said, these sandals are probably best used casually or for some light hiking, rather than an intense trail run.


Teva calls the Omnium 2 a "wet-dry hybrid shoe", which is in reference to the fact that it makes use of the same material for the outsole that most other Teva shoes use. In reality, this ‘hybrid’ hiking sandal feels more like a regular shoe than anything else, and it probably won’t perform as well as you’d like when in the water.

One of the main perks of wearing a closed-toe shoe when hiking is that your feet will be better protected, meaning you can do more challenging things, like trailblazing, bushwacking, or any other activities that would otherwise be difficult in a regular pair of sandals. The toe box on these sandals is definitely protective, but they make breathability a slight problem.

Also, when traversing through water, the shoes take a bit longer to drain than most people would like. The heel strap also tends to rub against the heel frequently, which can quickly cause blisters and irritation.

Like most other Teva shoes, the Omnium 2s feature the standard Spider Rubber, with the outsole having a tough rubber perimeter that surrounds the non-slip rubber in the center. The tread is angular but is not lugged out completely.

The traction performs well in dry conditions, though you may find yourself slipping every now and then when things get wet. This isn’t a huge problem, and if you tread carefully, you should be perfectly fine for your whole hike.

While the Omnium 2s are quite lightweight, the amount of stability that they provide is excellent. They are perfectly capable of taking on more risky, challenging surfaces and inclines, and the closed-toe nature provides more security during these kinds of situations. Also, they have many more adjustment points than the majority of other hiking sandals, which provides extra security but can make them more tedious to put on and take off.


  • Extra security
  • Hybrid
  • More adjustment points
  • Non-slip rubber
  • Easy loop and hook closure


  • Slow water drainage
  • Breathability isn’t great

Teva Men's Hudson Sandal

Finally, we arrive at the Teva Hudsons, one of the classics and one of the brand’s most popular pairs of hiking sandals. They are great for day hikes, and the thick straps that surround the foot will ensure that your feet stay secure and comfortable throughout your journey.


This is a go-anywhere kind of hiking sandal, and it features the sort of traction that is rugged enough while also having foot-forming comfort that will keep your feet happy. The sole is thicker than many other hiking sandals on the market, which is what makes them great for day-long hiking sessions.

Like the previous hiking sandals on this list, the Hudsons boast multiple adjustability points, so you can make them fit exactly the way you want them to. The upper is made from supple, rich suede that makes them look and feel quite luxurious, but that may not be your top priority when hiking.

The easy loop and hook closure allows you to take these sandals off quickly but can make putting them back on again a bit of a chore. They also help to customize the fit even more so that they match the shape of your foot precisely, allowing for greater comfort and security.

Like most other Teva sandals, these come with contoured EVA midsoles that are standard for most of their footwear. They provide added support for the arch of your foot, while the Nylon shank supports and stabilizes the feet when the terrain becomes uneven.

The outsole is made from rugged Durabrasion rubber, which is capable of taking quite a lot of abuse before you start to notice any damage. The Microban treatment keeps any unpleasant odors away, which many hikers have come to appreciate since there’s often a lot of sweating involved in hiking.


  • Mesh and suede upper
  • Durable sole
  • Loop and hook closure
  • EVA contoured foam midsole
  • Multiple adjustment points


  • Straps may pull out of the sole
  • Minimal arch support


We hope that this review has given you some inspiration to go out and buy yourself a pair of hiking sandals. Many people think that hiking sandals aren’t able to perform as well as standard hiking boots, but you’d be surprised. Happy hiking!

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