Best Travel Fishing Rod: 2020’s Buying Guide

Best Travel Fishing Rod -
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Angling is one of the most popular pastimes that has ever been enjoyed by men and women alike. Few things can beat the fresh air and the vibrant atmosphere on the banks of a river. Nor is there any greater feeling than the pride of a big, stubborn catch that has been netted.

However, quite often, it is the challenge of fishing that builds the adoration for this hobby. Thus, when the familiar waters of local rivers, streams, and dams become less of an adventure, the obvious choice would be to seek new terrain or even the ocean’s deep waters.

As true as any fisherman knows, the adventure and fun of fishing can only be improved with the best equipment. Yes, a fisherman is always dependent on his or her own wit, strength, and patience, but having the right gear is equally paramount.

However, traveling with an enormous and heavy collection of equipment is not an ideal thing to do. For this reason, it would be beneficial to make a set of fishing supplies that is ideal for hauling over long distances. Naturally, it would include all of the important equipment such as bait, hooks, sinkers, line, the rod, and more.

Unfortunately, traditional fishing rods are not the best suited for traveling. For this reason, and your convenience, we have compiled a list of the finest traveling fishing rods available on the market. Feel free to browse leisurely, and pick whichever suits your needs and preferences.

Comparison Chart

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Okuma Nomad Inshore Graphite Travel Rod

Goture Spinning Fishing Rod

St. Croix Triumph Travel Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod

JEKOSEN Casting/Spinning Bass Fishing Rod

Best Travel Fishing Rod Reviews

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

The Fiblink Surf Spinning Rod is an ideal travelers fishing rod. This is due to its 2-piece design that lessens the space a one-piece rod would typically take up. It is constructed from high-quality materials, including everything from the handle to the blank and rod. It is designed to provide excellent performance while being sensitive enough to quickly alert the angler.


The Fiblink Surf Spinning Rod is constructed from solid carbon fiber to improve the rod’s performance and sensitivity. It provides the fine-tuned action that can only be found in carbon fiber rods, with the addition of being highly durable and tough enough to withstand all the adventurous fishing you can subject it to. This makes it an ideal fishing rod for boat angling and is specifically designed for spinning.

However, due to the design of the guides, it is also used by many as a casting rod. The guides are made from a fine balance of stainless steel and ceramic, which gives it unparalleled performance and smoothness. The line guides are the UBAG A-Ring kind, and the tip guide is a USAT A-Ring, which will ensure smoother feeding and reduce the risk of snagging the line by eliminating as much friction as possible. These guides also provide the best sensitivity transmission and are perfectly aligned along the bottom of the rod’s spine.

It features a non-slip rubber shrink tube handle with a tapered rear grip that will ensure that you will always have a hand on the situation. No matter the size or strength of your catch, the chances of having the rod pulled from your hands are minimized with this excellent rod. The two-piece connects with a tip-over butt ferrule system that provides the strongest durability. It also features an extreme exposure reel seat with stainless steel tapered hoods on both the top and bottom with a protective cap.

The rod comes in multiple length choices that differ as much in power and action as they do in price. The rated power of the 10 feet and 12 feet rods are medium-heavy and heavy, while the action range is moderate to fast. Unfortunately, you will not receive the full kit, as the line and reel will have to be bought separately.


  • High-quality rod with superior durability and sensitivity provided by a carbon fiber body
  • Excellent quality guides that reduce friction and improves the sensitivity transmission on the line
  • Constructed with a top-notch reel seat that features stainless steel hoods
  • Utilizes a high-strength ferrule connection that will provide super durability
  • Is rated as a medium-heavy, moderate-fast rod available in 10 or 12 feet lengths


  • The different lengths vary in price and do not include a reel or line

Okuma Nomad Inshore Graphite Travel Rod

The Okamu Nomad is an optimum choice for the traveler since it is sold with a nifty, dedicated traveling bag that is packed with convenience. However, if you intend to take on ocean fish, this might not be the best-suited choice. It is specifically designed to perform the best inshore and will lack the strength to pull in even half-sized tuna.


The Nomad is one of the popular designs by Okuma and is constructed from premium components to ensure that you only buy the highest quality product. The rod blank is made from durable graphite and features a tough carbon outer wrap.

It is constructed as a three-piece rod but delivers the kind of performance that is usually associated with single-piece rods and is the optimum choice if you want to travel. Since it is sold with its own carry bag that features comfortable shoulder straps and convenient velcro tie-down placement for each individual piece of the rod, carrying it with you has never been more effortless.

The rod is sold in both spinning and casting variants, which all measure the same seven-foot lengths and are rated as medium-heavy power rods. It features a European designed spigot ferrule connection system, which provides the rod with the feel and performance of a one-piece. The guides are made with Zirconium inserts and are of the ALPS type that reduces friction and enables smooth line feeding.

The rod includes two tips with the purchase, one for moderate action, and the other to provide faster action if required. This feature allows versatility in a single rod, saving both money and space, which is ideal for the traveler. Its reel seat is an ALPS 2-tone anodized aluminum seat, which includes an aluminum trigger on casting models.

It features a split-butt rear grip, and overall, is a very attractive rod. However, the product is sold as a stand-alone and does not include any other components such as the reel.


  • Durable three-piece design that performs at the same standard as a one-piece
  • Features a durable European spigot ferrule connector system that provides excellent performance quality
  • Is fitted with ALPS guides with Zirconium inserts
  • High-quality, dependable reel seat with a trigger on all casting models
  • Includes two tips with the purchase of the rod to provide versatile action options
  • Is sold with a handy travel bag


  • Is not suitable for offshore fishing
  • Does not include anything else safe for the rod and an extra tip guide

Goture Travel Fishing Rods 4Pcs

Goture Xceed features some of the finest quality engineering in fishing rods and makes them the most ideal traveling companions available on the market. Their rods, like the Travel 4-piece mentioned here, are renowned for quality, durability, and finely tuned actions. Each one is made from the finest materials and components and is constructed with the latest innovative manufacturing designs.

Quality is Goture’s mission, and they provide this by incorporating precision engineered beauty with absolute function.


The Goture 4-Piece Travel Fishing Rod is constructed from a durable 30-ton carbon matrix built with bias engineering. This not only provides the rod with high strength balanced with power and sensitivity but also makes the rod virtually indestructible.

The bias engineering eliminates the possibility of twisting the rod, giving it its excellent balance and strength. The four-piece travel rod comes available in an assortment of choices, ranging in spinning and casting variants, as well as different lengths.

The available lengths vary from 6-foot rods to 10 feet, and all feature the same innovative technology. The four-piece Goture rod is easy to carry and is exceptionally light, making it ideal for air travel or backpacking. However, despite its lighter design, it does not compromise any performance qualities.

The guides are made from corrosion-proof stainless steel and feature ceramic inserts that drastically reduce friction. It is also perfectly spaced and precision aligned to further reduce the risk of snagging on the line, which, by any standard, will improve the reeling and casting ability of the user.

The reel seat is made from high-quality ABS material, and the EVA split grip handle is made exceptionally comfortable to support the angler all day long. The rods are sold with an optional case that makes it easier to carry around, but it will cost you extra. It uses a spigot ferrule connection system that provides optimum sensitivity transmission and the exact performance expected from a one-piece.

The rod is sold without any additional components such as the reel, and the power rating depends on the variant sizes available. It averages between medium and medium-heavy, and the action ratings are between medium-fast to fast.


  • Constructed from highly-durable material and engineered with the latest innovative methods
  • Features super-smooth guides made from stainless steel and features ceramic inserts for the best performance
  • It is incredibly light and can be bought with an included carrying case
  • Sold in a variety of choices and lengths
  • Strong spigot ferrule connections that transmit high-sensitivity and provide excellent power


  • Is sold without any extra components like the reel and line
  • Including the carry case will cost you more

St. Croix Triumph Travel 4-Piece Fishing Rod

St Croix makes all their rods for anglers who search for the best performance and convenience at the greatest value imaginable. The Triumph traveling rod is one of their lightest yet strongest rods and is designed to be the optimum traveling companion. It is sold with a carrying case and comes in a variety of action and power choices, but all the Triumph rods are the same 5 feet, 6inches in length.


The Triumph is constructed from a special SCII graphite fiber that provides excellent performance at less cost than traditional materials. The Mid-modulus graphite used on the Triumph has a higher strain rate than other materials, and is exceptionally light but does not compromise durability, strength, or sensitivity. They have both spinning and casting rods available, and each features the same high-quality Fuji DPS reel seat that is made with frosted silver hoods.

It also features a double coat finish of Flex-Coat flex cure on every rod and is fitted with superior quality guides. The guides are made from hard aluminum-oxide with black frames that are perfectly aligned to ensure smooth line feeding and that the line does not accidentally snag and break, allowing perfect casting and reeling.

The Triumph rods are available in different power ratings that range between ultra-light to heavy and everything in between. All the actions are, however, the same and are rated at fast. It is fitted with a premium-grade cork handle that is made to ensure that you will keep a strong, secure grip at all times.

Triumph rods are sold with a nylon padded soft case for convenient traveling but are not sold with any extra components. Overall, it is an excellent fishing rod that provides fast action and sturdy performance, balanced with convenience, value, and durability.


  • Is sold with a convenient travel case at no extra cost
  • Durable, advanced construction made from stronger and better, unique material
  • Features durable and ultra-smooth guides with aluminum-oxide inserts
  • Is fitted with a comfortable cork handle
  • The rod is finished with two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure for added quality and beauty


  • It is not sold with any extras

JEKOSEN Casting/Spinning Bass Fishing Rod

The Jekosen Bass Fishing Rod is designed for portability, making it an ideal choice for the traveling angler. It is constructed from premium components and is available in both spinning and casting variants. For further portable luxury, it is sold with a traveling case, and due to the three-piece design that is easy to assemble and disassemble, it is an ideal travel rod to invest in.


The Jekosen Portable Bass Fishing Rod is constructed from strong, solid carbon fiber to provide it with a light but durable profile, and gives it superior action and performance without compromising its sensitivity. It is a high-quality rod with excellent overall strength and power and features premium quality components to enhance its abilities further. Its guides are made from anti-corrosive stainless steel that features ceramic inserts and is perfectly spaced and aligned to ensure perfect casting and smooth line feeding.

The guides are also optimized to ensure that it transmits sensitivity with accurate precision. It is fitted with superior high-strength nylon reel seats that provide the rod with a solid base and good, stable structure. The Jekosen rods are all made with fast action and medium power ratings in all the variants available.

Sizes available range from 6 to 9 feet, and are all made as three-piece rods for easy, convenient carrying that is designed as the ultimate backpacking fishing rod. The high-density EVA foam handle with a cork anti-wear protective pad grip provides all-day comfort and superior handling, allowing you never to lose control of the rod even when faced with a stubborn swimmer. The Jekosen Bass Fishing rod is not sold with any extra goodies, safe for the carrying, but is an excellent choice nonetheless.


  • Durable solid carbon fiber construction that provides excellent performance in all fields
  • Is sold with a useful carrying bag and features a four-piece design that is ideal for traveling
  • Is fitted with the highest-quality stainless steel guides that feature ceramic inserts
  • Feature a very comfortable EVA foam handle with adequate anti-wear protection
  • The reel seat is made from extra-tough and highly stable nylon base for superior performance


  • The rod is sold as a single product without any extra components included


If you are thinking of backpacking foreign lands and testing out the unfamiliar waters, consider stocking up on the ideal fishing gear. These rods are all optimized for traveling and are of the highest quality that does not compromise performance in any way.

Traditional rods would only become a burden, and if you travel by plane, it would be a complication. Not to mention that something as precious to an angler as his rod, would stand the chance of being mistreated during transportation and could get damaged. It's better to have the perfect rod that you can carry with you where it will always be safe. For other travel rod suggestions take a look at our telescopic rod options

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