Best Waterproof Hiking Sandals: Top Options to Buy in 2020

Best Waterproof Hiking Sandals -
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Hiking is a widely enjoyed adventurous sport. However, you can enjoy it only if you are wearing comfortable and safe footwear. Especially during the scorching, sweaty heat of summer, boots fail to serve as the right gear.

In this situation, you should rely on a pair of waterproof hiking sandals. If you are looking for new sandals, just take a look at the following list of highly reliable and durable hiking sandals.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best waterproof hiking sandals available on the market.

Comparison Chart

KEEN Men’s Newport Hydro-m Sandal

KEEN Men’s Arroyo II Sandal

GRITION Men’s Outdoor Hiking Sandal

KEEN Men’s Rialto H2 Sandal

Northside Mens Burke II Sport Athletic Sandal

Best Waterproof Hiking Sandal Reviews

KEEN Men's Newport Hydro-m Sandal

Keen is a well-reputed brand in the field of sports and regular footwear. These particular sandals are specifically designed for hiking. Due to their waterproof construction, you can wear them even in damp and moist conditions.


If you are looking for a versatile pair of sandals, Keen Newport Hydro-m Sandals are the most viable option to consider. These sandals serve as an excellent option for hiking and watersports.

The overall sturdy construction makes them highly durable yet comfortable hiking sandals. In addition, the provision of a strong toe guard is a great safety feature, as it helps you to walk safely on rough terrain.

When it comes to the construction of its upper part, the sandal is made with a combination of synthetic and textile materials. Its sole is made with a comfortable yet durable rubber material.

Furthermore, you can easily clean these sandals by washing them whenever required. The upper consists of polyester webbing, which provides these shoes with a strong and reliable structure.

The midsole consists of compression-molded Eva material, which ensures the overall comfort and safety of the feet when you are going out for a long hiking trip.


  • These sandals fit snugly without compromising comfort
  • You don’t need any kind of breaking in, as they are ready to wear sandals
  • Apart from hiking, these waterproof sandals are suitable for traveling and water sports
  • The outsole of the Keen Men’s Newport Hydro offers unsurpassable grips even on slippery surfaces
  • While wearing them, you would have a great hiking experience
  • The “Toe-Protection” feature is fantastic as it provides the safety of your feet when walking on rough terrain


  • The stitching needs more attention, as it doesn’t look that sturdy
  • Quite expensive than similar sandals of other brands

KEEN Men's Arroyo II Sandal

Just like any other products offered by Keen, their Arroyo II sandals are known for their durability and performance. These hiking shoes are referred to as the best option when you prefer comfortable yet sturdy options.


These versatile sandals can serve the purpose well no matter how tough your hiking trail is. Just like the first edition, the Keen Arroyo II is also reaching new heights of popularity.

Rocky terrain is the biggest enemy of footwear. This is because when you are struggling to climb up a tricky mountain track, it may prove damaging for both your shoes and feet.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to face this issue when wearing Keen Arroyo II Sandals. These are hybrid sandals, which work in both dry and wet conditions.

In fact, these sandals will protect your feet while keeping them dry and preventing any damage. For instance, the closed-toe design of Arroyo II offers the required protection to your toes.

Moreover, the use of Nubuck leather also renders them the most durable and waterproof hiking sandals. Additionally, the bungee lace mechanism offers a durable and tight fit for all types of feet.

Talking about the downsides, the lacing clips of this sandal aren’t that efficient. This suggests you have to tighten up the laces quite often.


  • Due to the outstanding build quality, the Keen Arroyo II offers excellent durability and satisfaction
  • Its availability at a reasonable price doesn’t suggest that it’s a cheap product, as the quality and performance is at par with the industrial standards
  • These versatile sandals are capable of serving you at almost any terrain; you can also wear them for virtually every outdoor adventure
  • When it comes to comfort, you won’t be disappointed at all while wearing these waterproof hiking sandals
  • Cleaning this sandal is a breeze as you just need a wet cloth to wipe off all the dust and debris
  • The insoles are capable of accommodating the orthotics of every wearer which suggests that your feet tend to fit snugly in these sandals


  • The lacing clips don’t work properly, which causes the laces to lose their grip
  • Some might experience the issue with sizing

GRITION Men's Outdoor Hiking Sandal

RITION Men’s Outdoor Hiking Sandals are waterproof hiking sandals, which offer the highest level of comfort and peace of mind. These sandals are known for their unsurpassable traction, safety, and comfort.


These durable and impressive-looking hiking sandals offer a variety of features at a reasonable price. GRITION knows and respects the needs and aspirations of the hiker, which makes them a reliable brand.

First, let’s talk about the looks, as this feature matters a lot. This particular option is a perfect combination of a sandal and a shoe. The front portion, sole, and coverage resemble a shoe. The flexible outsole is made of rubber, which offers an ample amount of comfort and stability. It also offers proper frictional force even on slippery terrain.

The upper is made of soft mesh, which is capable of drying quickly. The provision of 6 air vents keeps your feet dry for an extended period. Overall construction is sturdy, and the stitching quality is impressive too.

To offer better stability, the manufacturer has introduced a loop at the front and a strap at the back. It ensures the required safety of your feet and prevents slipping on a wet surface.


  • Offers top-notch build quality, which is even better than some of the most popular brands out there
  • The overall design of this pair of sandals is fabulous, allowing you to wear them while performing routine activities
  • The safety aspects are integrated into the design for retaining the true essence of the design
  • Even though these hiking shoes are highly comfortable, you shouldn’t doubt their durability
  • The price tag is reasonable, making them a viable choice even if you are on a budget
  • Extremely comfortable and durable outer sole also offers required grip
  • Waterproof sole keeps your feet dry
  • The quick-dry upper also plays its role while keeping your feet dry for most of the time


  • The sizes of these sandals are slightly confusing
  • The lacing system isn’t that effective

KEEN Men's Rialto H2 Sandal

These hiking sandals are not only comfortable and supportive but also offer an unbelievable stylish look. The Rialto H2 sandal is one of the best products offered by Keen.


In fact, Keen is known for manufacturing user-friendly and reliable products. The KEEN Rialto H2 Sandal is built to last. It is capable of accommodating both regular and wide feet.

This Keen sandal is specifically designed for adventure trips like hiking and watersports. Due to its water-resistant leather and synthetic construction, your feet will stay dry for most of the time.

Moreover, its hydrophobic mesh lining dries quickly, preventing any damage to your feet due to excessive dampness. The direct-attach PU-midsole provides the desired protection against pointy stones.

Besides, the removable PU foam footbed also offers a metatarsal ridge, which offers natural and more secure underfoot support. The Cleansport NXT utilizes probiotic technology, which helps to control the odor naturally.

As a matter of fact, describing the joy of wearing these sandals can’t be expressed in words. It gives the maximum level of comfort and stability, which ensures peace of mind when hiking on rough terrain.

Talking about the drawbacks, this pair of sandals comes with a hard Velcro strap, which may cause blisters in some people.


  • This pair of sandals proves to be highly supportive when wearing them for outdoor activities
  • The level of comfort is unsurpassable, allowing you to wear them for longer than the expected period. Even wide-footed people would experience no issue regarding a proper fit
  • These sandals are sturdier than you might expect
  • The durability level offered by these shoes is simply out of this world
  • Talking about the overall styling, these shoes outperform a variety of high-end sandals
  • The Keen Rialto H2 is a versatile pair of waterproof sandals; you can wear them for any outdoor activity including hiking, camping, or spending time in the wilderness
  • The heel strap function of these sandals works properly, which offers a snug fit even after using these sandals for months


  • The velcro strap is hard, which may cause blisters in some people
  • The upper part of these sandals take more time to dry than other waterproof hiking sandals

Northside Mens Burke II Sport Athletic Sandal

If you need a hiking sandal that offers a higher level of comfort and support, just take a look at the Northside Men’s Burke II Sport Athletic Sandal. The upper and lower parts of this sandal are specifically designed to offer maximum comfort and stability.


The Northside Men’s Burke II Sports Athletic Sandal is a great choice when you are planning a long hiking trip. Its unique design offers sufficient ankle support, which renders it a perfect option for those with weaker ankles.

Another outstanding advantage of this pair of sandals is its availability in different colors and styles. Therefore, you will be able to choose the right fit for you.

When you are intending to buy the ideal waterproof hiking sandal, this could serve as the most appropriate option. It is a comfortable yet durable pair of sandals, which is made of high-quality materials.

For instance, the material used for the construction of underlayer ensures a solid level of grip. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sliding or slipping on wet terrain.

However, these sandals are not designed for walking in the water. This suggests that you can’t stay in the water for long periods. Otherwise, these sandals serve as a suitable option when you need waterproof sandals.

The upper features a rugged and flexible surface, which is breathable too. The presence of black faux leather overlays and EVA backing makes these sandals extremely comfortable and griping.

Moreover, the durable shock-resistant sole prevents any damage to the ankle. Similarly, the abrasion-resistant toe guard offers additional safety for your feet.

These all-weather sandals have a closed-toe design, which prevents water from entering into the midsole. The lightweight EVA padded cushioning offers a comfortable and snug fit.

Unfortunately, there is a drawback. The toe guard bulges out a bit after using these sandals for a couple of months.


  • The upper is rugged yet flexible, offering desired level of comfort and stability
  • The breathable inserts keep your feet dry even in moist conditions
  • Constructed with top quality material such as black faux leather overlays and EVA backing
  • With its durable shock resistant sole and abrasion-resistant toe guard, these sandals offer required safety for feet
  • These all-weather sandals protect your feet from water due to their closed-toe design
  • The lacing system (elastic drawstring) ensures safety and comfort
  • Its heel pull loop makes these sandals easy to wear
  • The outsole is made with sturdy and highly durable rubber
  • The construction ensures maximum traction on both wet and dry terrains


  • The toe guard bulges out a bit after a couple of uses
  • Upper takes more time to dry


Since the market is flooded with a wide range of hiking sandals, choosing the most appropriate ones isn’t that easy. However, by simply going through the reviews mentioned above, you can find the top waterproof hiking sandals for you.

We have tried to explain both the pros and cons of these products and now it should be easy for you to make a viable decision. Happy hiking!

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