CAMEL CROWN Men’s Waterproof Hiking Sandals Review

CAMEL CROWN Mens Waterproof Hiking Sandals Review
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Quick Overview






  • Quick-drying
  • Waterproof mesh and sole
  • Anti-slip insole texturing
  • Closed-toe design


  • Upper mesh is not ventilated

Shoes are the most common footwear people wear for most occasions. Whether it is taking a stroll in the city, or you are going to school/college, shoes are the most attractive and comfortable footwear you can be in. This also applies for the times you go mountaineering or hiking as well. Hiking shoes are a must and without these, you will have a tough time on rough terrain.

Still, shoes aren’t your only option when it comes to hiking, especially if we are talking about warmer areas. Yes, sandals are back in trend, and the hiking models are becoming more popular each and every year. Hiking sandals are very comfortable and can be a great alternative to shoes.

The market is versatile and there are hundreds of different models out there. One of the best selling ones are the CAMEL CROWNs Men’s Waterproof Hiking Sandals, and that is for a good reason. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what they have to offer.

CAMEL CROWN Men’s Waterproof Hiking Sandals

If you are looking for a pair of casual hiking sandals that are affordable and comfortable, you are on the right path. CAMEL CROWN is a well-known footwear brand, and they did a great job with this model. Coming in two different variations, it is excellent for your hiking experience, and as these are waterproof, you can get in the river, lake, or sea and not worry about them getting damaged. A high-quality product, for a cheap price – it can’t get much better than that.

Who is this product for?

To be honest, this product is for any man. While the sandals are originally made for hiking purposes, the design is casual and attractive and you could probably fit them in a daywear clothing combination for walking in the city especially during the spring and summertime. On the other hand, it is the perfect pair for experienced hikers and people who are interested in spending more time walking in nature. Comfortable, and anti-slip, walking in these sandals will be an enjoyable experience. And if you are a fisherman, you can use these too.

What’s included?

For an extremely affordable price, you are getting a pair of mesh hiking sandals that are waterproof and able to sustain the rough terrain. It is the perfect choice if you are on a somewhat tighter budget but still need a good pair of footwear.

Overview of Features

Firstly, it is important to note that while these sandals are made for hiking, they don’t lack in design quality. The model is available in two different colors, black and khaki, both having a mesh upper and a rubber sole. Great for outdoor walking, wading, and fishing, these casual-style hiking sandals are a long term investment and can last a few years with proper use and maintenance.

Talking about the most important feature of this model, the sandals include an adjustable hook and loop closure which allows for a good and safe fit. Along with that, the second highlighted feature is the fact that these sandals are waterproof. This means that cleaning them will be as easy as throwing them in a washing machine, while you will be able to walk through muddy and wet terrain with a clear mind and no worries about your sandals getting ruined.

These comfortable and enclosed sandals provide the anti-collision toe protection so you will not get hurt even if you hit a rock or two while you walk on the hiking route or through the shallow waters of a river. The anti-slip feature covers both insole and outsole protection. The insole is incredibly comfortable and has an almost massage-like texture, while the outsole is made out of rubber and won’t slip on rocky or wet terrain.

Last but not least, while offering perfect foot and toe protection, these sandals are still breathable and can allow even more air circulation by opening the strap system. Overall, it is a high-quality footwear product that any hiker or fisherman should have in his collection.

How to Use It

There is nothing difficult about using these sandals. The hook and loop closure is easily adjustable, and the walking process will be a pleasure, mostly due to the anti-slip and anti-collision features that this model includes.


GUBARUN Men’s Sports Sandals

Talking about a cheaper alternative to the above-mentioned product, these GUBARUN hiking sandals are an excellent choice. Including toe-to-heel protection, wearing a pair of this should be pretty comfortable, mostly due to the ergonomic footbed design that provides good support. Featuring a synthetic upper and rubber sole, this product is a good value for the price you are paying.


While shoes are something you have gotten used to over the course of time, you should never disregard sandals as a great footwear option either. These are getting back in trend, and the CAMEL CROWNs are an excellent example of what high quality and affordable hiking sandals look like.

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