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Which Exercise Helps Prepare for Uphill Hiking

Written by James Lantz Do you have a goal of hiking a mountain or some kind of hiking  adventure in mind? Maybe you have been pondering some type of hike that will challenge your physical condition, but you’re not sure where to begin? Maybe your friends or family want to plan a hike with you, and […]

Teva vs Chaco Hiking Sandals: Which Brand to Choose?

Teva vs Chaco -

If you prefer sandals, then you are probably familiar with two of the best-known brands available on the market – Teva and Chaco.
We will introduce both brands to you while comparing which is the better choice. The final verdict will be up to you, and choosing which brand to support will, of course, be nothing more than a personal decision.

How to Clean Sandals

Find out the best ways to clean and remove the bad odors from your favorite foam, leather, or hiking sandals. Make your old sandals new again.

Sandals vs Shoes: Which Are Best for Hiking?

Sandals vs Shoes Which Are Best for Hiking

Choosing the perfect gear for going hiking might seem like a huge task. After all, there are so many different types of products to choose from that you might wonder how to even get started for your first trip. Perhaps the best way to get started is to look at your feet. What you put […]

Do You Wear Socks with Hiking Sandals?

Do You Wear Socks with Hiking Sandals

Choosing the perfect pair of hiking sandals gives you a solid start to any adventurous outdoors trip and lets you handle even the toughest conditions. Yet, you may wonder how it is best to use them. For example, a common question asked by new hikers is whether they should wear socks with hiking sandals. This […]

Are Sandals Considered Shoes?

Are Sandals Considered Shoes

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the difference is between shoes and sandals? In fact, is there even a difference between them to start with, or are they pretty much one and the same thing? There are a few points to take into account in order to understand this subject more fully. Let’s take […]

Are Chaco Sandals Good for Hiking?

Are Chaco Sandals Good for Hiking

Finding the perfect sandals can make any hiking adventure more comfortable and safer too. There is no doubt that pulling on some quality footwear will fill you with confidence for the challenges that lie ahead. On the other hand, wearing unsuitable sandals to go hiking is a recipe for disaster. If you have heard of […]