Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike Review
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Quick Overview






  • High-quality front and rear suspension
  • Shimano drivetrain and brakes
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 5” wheels


  • Pricey

Mountain biking is a great way to get some exercise, explore the outdoors, and spend time with friends. Navigating trails and overcoming obstacles is part of the fun – but if your bike isn’t up to par, you may run into a hard time that can be uncomfortable and dangerous.

Fortunately, there is a bike for just about every situation. When it comes to ensuring a smooth ride and comfortability on the trail (or on the streets), the Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike is a solid partner to choose.

Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike is a smaller-framed mountain bike built specifically to fit women & smaller riders comfortably without sacrificing performance. Despite its smaller frame, the larger wheels make it a versatile ride that can navigate trails as well as any obstacles you come across. It has easy assembly features, a quality build, and comes in at the upper mid-tier of the price range for non-motorized mountain bikes.

Who is this product for?

While it is marketed towards women, this bike’s smaller frame would actually work for most smaller riders (less than 5’5”) regardless of gender. It has larger wheels that make it a smoother ride, so it is very beginner-friendly but may struggle with some of the more precise movements a smaller wheel would allow. This also makes it better suited for street use when not on the trail. It is best suited for trails with minor obstacles rather than navigating dangerous terrain, so it may not be ideal for biking pros looking to push the limits.

This bike is NOT ideal for taller (above 5’6”) or heavier (over 300lbs) riders, as the small frame will likely make it uncomfortable to ride due to the pedal and seat positions being built for smaller riders.

What’s Included?

When you order the Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike, you’ll get the bike in multiple pieces that require assembly before you can ride it. The frame, wheels, seat, and pedals will be separate in the package but are easy to put on.

This bike doesn’t include a pump, extra wheels, or any additional pieces outside of the necessary pieces to assemble it.

Overview of Features

The Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike is a blue mountain bike made of a strong 6061-T6 aluminum frame that allows it to stand up to impacts from jumps and support riders up to 5’6” and 300 pounds. The DB SL-7 wheels are on the larger side at 27.5”, making them better for distance and smoothness rather than maneuverability. They also add stability to make the bike more beginner-friendly.

The bike boasts an 80mm SR Suntour suspension fork that keeps you from bouncing around too much when you take it on bumpy trails. The 8-speed shifter lets you take more control over your ride and pedaling speed & cadence for a more comfortable experience. The disc brake system applies to both the front & back wheels, providing good stopping power as you maneuver trails or obstacles.

This mountain bike does NOT include any kind of motor or automation like an electric mountain bike, so you’ll be stuck pedaling to get yourself going. However, the larger wheels mean it’ll coast smoothly once you get rolling.


When you receive the Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike, it’ll come in a few pieces. There will be an assembly guide included with the bike that will help you to put the front wheel, seat, and pedals on. The wheels aren’t likely to be properly inflated out of the package, so you’ll have to pump them up before you can ride. However, once you’ve put the few loose pieces on and inflated the tires, it’ll be ready to ride.


If you’re looking for a women’s mountain bike that is more affordable and fits slightly taller riders, consider the Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike. In addition to being much cheaper, this bike also supports riders from 4’10” to 5’10” – a wider range than the Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike. It also has smaller wheels at 24”, which makes it better for maneuvering on paths and dense obstacles. Finally, the 21 speeds to choose from give you the chance to change the ride depending on your current riding conditions.


If you’re a shorter & lighter rider, a smaller bike is likely to better fit you for a more comfortable ride – especially when your wheels are larger & suspension is resilient. The Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike is a great women’s mountain bike that offers high-quality parts and a beginner-friendly experience at a decent price for its specs. As long as you’re able to fit comfortably on the bike, the Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5” Mountain Bike is a solid option to consider.

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