How Much Does a Mountain Bike Weigh

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike of 2019 Complete Reviews with Comparisons
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Does Mountain Bike Weight Matter?

Mountain bikes are sturdy and built to take a beating, so it might not be a surprise that they weigh more than road bikes. The weight of a mountain bike will depend on the type or class of mountain bike. This article looked at the weight of medium size mountain bikes. There are four main types of mountain bikes that this article will look at Full Suspension Mountain Bike, Hardtail Mountain Bike, Fat Bikes, and Electric Mountain Bikes. Generally, the bikes reviewed are in the middle price range anywhere from$1,000 to $3,000.

What Makes a Mountain Bike Heavy

There are several factors that will make a mountain bike weigh more than other bikes. Unlike cruising bikes, there are a lot more components that make up a mountain bike; such as the suspension that helps absorb the impact on the trails. The tires and wheels are bigger on mountain bikes; there are no skinny tires. You wouldn’t be able to tackle any rocks, roots, or have the ability to go through mud or sand without the wider tires. Mountain bikes have anywhere from 10-30 gears. The high quantity of gears may be critical, depending on the difficulty of the terrain. The more gears you have, the more it will weigh.

How much do Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Weigh

Full Suspension Mountain bikes feature front and rear suspensions. A Full Suspension Mountain Bike will weigh anywhere from 29 to 31 pounds.

  • Average 31 lbs with an aluminum frame
  • Average 29 lbs with a carbon frame

Top of the line mountain bikes can weigh as little as 23 pounds, but the price tag is upwards of $5,000.

How much do Hardtail Mountain Bikes Weigh

Similar to the Full Suspensions, a Hardtail Mountain Bike only has a front suspension and can weigh anywhere from 29 to 31 pounds.

  • Average 31 lbs with an aluminum frame
  • Average 30 lbs with a combination of carbon frame and aluminum fork
  • Average 29 lbs with a carbon frame

How much do Fat Mountain Bikes Weigh

Fat Bikes are the heaviest of the three. These guys are not built for climbing mountains but for traveling through snow. On average, they weigh anywhere from 32-35 pounds. Typically, since Fat Bikes are designed for snow, they do not have a front or rear suspension. These bikes are definitely not designed for speed, but if you live in a snowy area and want to keep biking year-round, then these are great options.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

How much do Electric Mountain Bikes Weigh

Electric mountain bikes are newer to the market. They will weigh much more than an unassisted mountain bike because they have an electric motor and battery. They are fun to ride and can help you reach new levels. On average, they can weigh around 55 pounds like the Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike.






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