How to Fix a Backpack Zipper: A Detailed Guide

How to Fix a Backpack Zipper
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Ever got in a battle with stuck zippers on your relaxing vacations? Almost all of us have faced this.

Getting into your favorite accessories might be a pain because of broken or damaged zippers. Stick with us to know how to fix a backpack zipper.

With all the technological evolution, one thing that has still remained the same since its invention is “the zipper“. Zippers have been serving as a basic household item for quite some time now. However, problems related to zipper stayed.

How to Fix a Backpack Zipper

Despite being small, zippers hold the capacity to create problems that are quite annoying. Fortunately, fixing these problems with a little troubleshooting is a real thing.

To assist you, a list of problems is presented below. Most of which you might come across in your backpack zippers. But, we’ve not left you there since we also presented simple solutions to each of them.

1. Stuck Zipper

One of the most frequent problems you’ll be facing with zippers is getting stuck in between; unable to go up or down. Apply all the force you want, but they will remain stubborn.

Usually, when zippers don’t budge to force or simple push, a little lubricant could be the way forward. So, let’s take a look at how you may remove the stuck zipper issue from your backpack and access it easily.

Graphite sticks have an incredibly greasy tip. Take a stick or a pencil, and begin rubbing it against the teeth of the zipper. Keep wiggling the slider of the zipper as you rub; until it aligns itself with the teeth of the zipper again.

No graphite sticks or pencils? Try laundry soap. Dab a little detergent or laundry soap on your stuck zipper, and start wiggling the zipper. An added level of lubrication should straighten the zipper and let it move easily.

None of these works? Try washing the bag. Once all added debris, dirt, and fabrics are out of the picture, retry the steps mentioned above. Lubrication is surely going to unstuck your zipper.

2. Clenched Zipper Teeth

Do your zipper teeth appear in a weird way or not in a straight line? It’s possible that they’re clenched wrongly. Although it might sound a little tricky, the solutions are sufficiently simple.

Here are a few things to do to fix clenched zippers in no time:

  • Check for any fiber around your zipper. That’s the first cause of this issue: stuck fabric. Always double check in order to ensure that your backpack isn’t stuck forever.
  • No signs of fabric? It’s time to inspect the teeth itself. With time, the teeth start to stick out and cause the zipper to halt its movement. Grab some pliers, as it’s time to fix these nasty teeth until they’re straight.
  • No fabric and no sticky teeth? What’s the problem in accessing the backpack now? It could be the slider now. Again, with the help of pliers, start to compress the slider gently. Keep increasing the pressure until it clenches with the teeth. Voila!

3. Pull Broke Off

Did you succeed in pulling the zipper out completely? Don’t worry, happens to the best of us in times of hurry, but, it is the easiest zipper problem to fix.

Try sliding a paper pin, a clip, or a keychain into the hole of the pull, provided on the surface of the slider. This might feel like the best option, as it works great in emergencies, but it could lead to more problems.

4. Slider Broke Off

Did the slider break off? If your odds are not in your favor or your day is unlucky, the worst thing to happen next is a broken slider.

Unfortunately, there is no fix for this and you might have to replace the slider eventually to use the bag. Now, leaving you hanging isn’t the right way. With these few simple ways, you can win access to your backpack again.

Without further ado, here are a few steps you should take to replace the slider of your backpack:

  • There are many zipper replacement kits available in grocery stores to start with. Kits can make replacing these parts a whole lot easier. Whip the part out of the kit, and you’ll be up and running with a fixed zipper in no time.
  • Can’t go to the grocery store right now? Don’t worry, there’s an alternative. Grab pliers and a new slider. Next, try pulling off the slider. Remember, do this step very gently as pliers can be brutal.
  • Move the slider down until you’ve reached the end of the zipper. After that, completely detach the slider from the zipper.
  • Put the new slider and align it with the teeth of the zipper until it begins to slide smoothly in both directions.
  • Make sure you hold the zipper teeth close when trying to attach the new slider. As this will ensure that the teeth clench and stay at its position.

Quick Tips

Surely these problems could have easily been avoided if you had been careful. But, don’t be remorseful. Let’s take a quick look at a few tips which might be useful when interacting with backpack zippers.

  • In a hurry? There’s a chance you’re going to pull the zippers of your backpack aggressively. Well, let’s just say, it’s not going to turn out good. Pull the zippers up or down with a gentle hand.
  • Be patient; don’t rush in attempts of unzipping your backpack. Yet again, there’s a chance you might make it way worse.
  • If you find a thread or piece of fabric which might come in the way of your zipper, cut it with sharp scissors or razors. Your zipper will never get stuck this way.
  • A plastic bag is stuck in the zipper of your backpack? Try blow drying as plastics and heat go a long way. This condition might make the bag a little more vulnerable and end up breaking off the zipper.


The next time you come across a broken or stuck zipper, remember there’s nothing to worry about. Sure, zippers can be problematic, but this simple yet useful item is still used everywhere.

If the damage is already done, you can always consider these hacks on how to fix a backpack zipper.

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