TEVA Men’s M FOREBAY Sandal Review

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Quick Overview






  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Hard rubber sole
  • Wide fit
  • Closed-toe design
  • 1” platform for better stability
  • Good traction on uneven terrain


  • Average fit rate
  • Not quick-drying

Not a lot of footwear is as comfortable and simple as sandals are. Sandals have been around since ancient civilizations – famously, you’ll know that Romans enjoyed wearing sandals on all occasions. While sandals might not be as popular as they once were, there are still footwear brands that manufacture high-quality sandal models for all occasions.

A trend that has been ongoing for a few years now has been hiking sandals as a great alternative to regular closed hiking shoes. Retail stores and online selling platforms like Amazon offer a number of different models, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the right ones for yourself – unless you feel completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

We did some research and ran into these TEVA Men’s FOREBAY sandals as one of the best selling hiking sandals on the market. Here is what we found out about them.


The TEVA FOREBAY sandals represent the right type of footwear you should be looking for as an alternative to hiking shoes. If you enjoy walking in nature and going for hiking, mountaineering, or camping trips, these sandals can prove to be an excellent choice and will remain comfortable even when you are walking on more demanding hiking routes. While most of the high-quality hiking sandals are made out of nubuck leather, TEVA managed to achieve the perfect combination of 93% synthetic and 7% textile material, thus providing durable footwear that will last for a long time.

Who is this product for?

While these sandals come in only one color (Turkish Coffee) and that is somewhat limiting, it is still a product that is suitable for any men that enjoy spending time in nature and being a part of hiking or mountaineering trips. Although the Turkish Coffee color is your only option, these still look pretty good on most men and you will be able to wear them with confidence in an everyday setting as well.

What’s included?

The answer is pretty simple – a pair of hiking sandals that will provide you years of pleasurable walking experience. What more do you need when these sandals give you everything necessary for a cool, comfortable walking experience.

Overview of Features

The TEVA brand has been a part of the outdoor gear industry for quite a few decades and is recognized as a high-quality brand that manufactures innovative hiking footwear. The FOREBAY sandals are an excellent example of the quality they offer with these being extremely comfortable and securing your feet from the arch to the toes.

One of the most important features of adequate hiking sandals is cushioned insoles and good rubber soles. And these sandals have it all. Walking in these FOREBAYs is a pleasurable experience whether you are taking a stroll by the riverside or you are out in nature on your hiking adventure. As mentioned above, the design is quite attractive, with the color being Turkish Coffee, featuring a mesh and synthetic upper that will provide perfect breathing room for your feet.

These sandals are versatile and include two closure systems for foot security. There is the bungee lacing system that is going to work perfectly for adjusting and providing the right fit. These FOREBAYs include a velcro closure system as well, which is perfect for keeping your ankle secured too.

On top of everything, it features Microban protection that keeps odor and bacteria away from your feet and footwear, uses the EVA midsole for added comfort. Along with that comes the so-called Shock pad which is there to absorb any kind of stress that a rough terrain path places on your feet. Lastly, maintaining your FOREBAY sandals is as easy as using a cloth and some water to occasionally clean off the dirt, mud, and other residues.

How to Use It

While you don’t get an instruction manual on how to use these, the idea of hiking sandals is pretty clear. You can use these as a part of your hiking gear or to simply wear on a regular basis as a part of your routine during the spring/summer season. FOREBAYs adjust perfectly and easily, and you have both the lacing and velcro closure system to ensure an even better fit.


GUBARUN Men Sports Sandals

These GUBARUN sandals are a great alternative to FOREBAYs, being somewhat cheaper while still boasting similar features. These come in few variations of brown and black and include an adjustable lacing system. The soles are slip-resistant and made out of rubber, while the footbed is perfectly designed to ensure comfortable walking even after a few hours.


Hiking shoes are the most common type of footwear for hiking and mountaineering trips. But this doesn’t mean that sandals are inadequate – on the contrary, these are a perfect choice if you are hiking in a hot area and need high-quality footwear to support your feet. TEVA Men’s FOREBAY sandals are an excellent product and have everything needed to accompany you on your next hiking trip. Click here to find other teva sandal options. 

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