Teva vs Chaco Hiking Sandals: Which Brand to Choose?

Teva vs Chaco -
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When browsing for hiking footwear, many options might come to mind. Depending mostly on where you intend to go hiking, the type of footwear you might prefer could include a wide variety. Perhaps the practical versatility of hiking boots would be best suited for cold, snowy regions or even mountainous terrain.

The comfort of sneakers would be preferable on long-distance hikes, but perhaps you would rather choose the option of wearing sandals. Sandals are useful for a variety of reasons. They don’t get soaked in rain or wet terrain, and they are easy to put on and pull off if needed.

Also, they do not wear too much on your feet, and best of all, they allow your feet to breathe. If you prefer sandals, then you are probably familiar with two of the best-known brands available on the market - Teva and Chaco.

If you are not familiar with these brands, don’t worry. We will introduce both brands to you while comparing which is the better choice. The final verdict will be up to you, and choosing which brand to support will, of course, be nothing more than a personal decision. Comparatively, they are both decent brands and are popular for plenty of reasons. Read on to find out more about Teva and Chaco.

About Teva

Teva is a brand of footwear that is most popular for its sandals. The brand was born on the shores of the Grand Canyon. In 1984, the first designs were inspired by a resourceful river guide, who unintentionally came up with the original idea.

Driven by the necessity to keep his flip flops from slipping off and floating downriver, he strapped his shoes on using two watch wristbands. Evidently, this led to the first of Teva’s iconic creations. In the continuance of celebrating the spirit of exploration and innovations, Teva has supported this idea for over 30 years.

The original idea was created to grant people the freedom to explore at their leisure in the most comfortable, secure footwear available. Teva has never stepped away from these intentions and continues to inspire the craving for adventure and experience, motivating supporters to seek it in all forms. The designs continue to evolve, advancing as the brand gains new inspiration from the expanding cultures, demands, and experiences of its global supporters.

With worldwide designers supporting Teva, you can always expect fresh, new, and pioneering ideas to pop up among its creations. Starting in 2020, Teva has undertaken the responsibility of progressing greener thinking, both in design and manufacturing. All of its latest products will now include straps that are made from traceable and verified recycled plastics.

This is all in the name of advancing sustainability so we can ensure there is a future for those who will follow in our footsteps. In the same spirit of seeking a greener, brighter future, Teva has been an active supporter of many conservation organizations. These organizations include the Grand Canyon Conservancy, Camber Outdoors, and the Conservation Alliance.

About Chaco

Chaco is a brand most famous for its Z-strap sandals. It was established in 1989 from the visions of a Colorado River guide who was intent on creating footwear that will suit adventurers on their travels in and out of water. He gave the original idea the symbol of the gecko, a creature that can adapt and survive in all kinds of terrain. He then went on to name it Chaco, and he soon began selling the first Chaco creations.

The versatile, adaptive, and durable design that he released changed all expectations of sandals forever, and it flipped the market on its head. Despite being constructed performance-ready and extra tough, Chaco realized that its sandals would eventually require repairs. To enhance the sustainability of its products and to advance the reduction of waste, the brand has developed the ReChaco program.

This is a program that allows supporters to send their Chacos back for any needed repairs. The vision that drove this innovation was that the most reliable products aren’t disposable, but instead should be repairable. In its Michigan-based factory, repairs, replacements, or adjustments are made to outsoles, straps, and any other components.

Chaco’s creations are made and designed for all kinds of adventures. From river rafting to beach hiking to mountaineering, these shoes will stay comfortable, supportive, and most of all, secure. Considering that the company sells its shoes to individuals, Chaco has created an online service where customers are allowed to create their own designs. You can either upload your own art and design or choose among the thousands of options that are already available. This allows you to create your Chacos to be as colorful, sophisticated, or carefree as you want.

Chaco is also growing its own community of closely woven supporters, dubbed fittingly as Chaconians. You can join their social media groups to share stories, experiences, and even share ideas. You can also take behind the scenes tours of Chaco and subscribe to its adventure blog, The Guidebook. With such a close relationship with its supporters, you can expect only the best in customer service.

In addition, Chaco has always been an active environmental conservationist. The brand not only reduces waste through its ReChaco program, but it also supports like-minded organizations in conserving the great outdoors. Chaco also inspires outdoor adventure and encourages its supporters to care for the world we live in.

Chaco is constantly searching for better ways of producing sandals through sustainable means. The latest innovation in this field is switching to e.dye, which is a method of color dying the fabrics without the use of water.

Direct Comparisons

In direct comparison, Chaco is by far the most loved brand. Chaco tends to be more expensive, but it is the stronger, tougher brand. Chaco is a heavier sandal and does not use Velcro in its designs, opting for safer buckles, instead. For these reasons, as well as the added benefit of the ReChaco program, Chaco is the ultimate choice for dedicated adventurers. However, despite being less expensive, simpler in design, and much lighter, Teva is widely supported and can last as long as any Chaco sandal

Because Teva is a budget champion option, it is also widely adored. Choosing a champ between the two would not be the easiest choice, but for both creativity and the ultimate in customer service, we would say that Chaco would be the finer of the two brands.


Deciding on what brand to support naturally depends on your own personal choices. You can opt for the lifetime partnership offered by Chaco, or you could support Teva if Chaco is out of your budget. However, if you are a tough adventurer who puts your shoes through the most enduring challenges, the support and durability you get from Chaco will be worth every penny.

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