Topnaca Naturehike Ultralight Foldable Backpack Review

The Two Straps at the Bottom
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Quick Overview






  • 2000 mm water resistance
  • Tear resistant
  • Affordable
  • 13 available colors


  • Might not be the last word in durability

Backpacks are a handy luggage item that goes a long way whether we are talking about a travel trip, hiking experience, or a regular workday routine that requires you to have a good backpack to help keep things organized. The market for backpacks is pretty big, and with thousands of different models being offered, making the right choice is not the easiest thing.

But there is one thing that you should know – finding a high-quality backpack for a reasonable price is possible, and the Topnaca Naturehike Foldable Backpack is an excellent example. But what is so good about this backpack and why do we recommend it as one of the best products on the market? Let’s go ahead and take a look.

Topnaca Naturehike Ultralight Backpack

Topnaca Naturehike Ultralight Foldable Backpack

Long story short, the Topnaca backpack is a high quality, durable, lightweight product that is worth your attention. It is adequate for everyday use as well as for travel and hiking trips, and given its size, it will not take a lot of additional luggage space while providing you enough room to keep everything organized. Made out of high-quality nylon material, it is both water resistant and waterproof and is able to sustain harsher weather conditions than most others in the price range. For the price you are paying, it is an absolute winner.

Who is this product for?

The great thing about this backpack is that it is suitable for almost any group of people – child, teenager, or adult. Whether you are looking for a fancy everyday backpack with adequate capacity and size, or you need a durable option for your hiking and nature trips, this Topnaca backpack is the right choice. And as you can also collapse it down to being pocket-size, making it is an excellent surprise for a friend or a family member who enjoys a high-quality luggage item that won’t take up much space.

What’s included?

This package includes nothing but a backpack and believe us – that is more than enough. You don’t get any additional accessories because you don’t need those in this first place. This backpack comes with a capacity of 18L or 25L, with both having more than enough room to store your essentials inside.

Overview of Features

This product is made out of high-quality nylon material that is both water resistant as well as waterproof and is going to last you for more than a few years with proper use and maintenance. It is tear-proof so unless you rip it open with a knife, it will be able to sustain the regular wear and tear consequences. And on top of all that, the zippers are abrasion resistant and you will not have to worry about replacing those anytime soon.

It is an extremely lightweight backpack that weighs either 120 to 170 g depending on if you are going for an 18L or 25L one. What is so good about it is the fact that you can fold it to a pocket size in a matter of just a few seconds and put it in your luggage or drawer once it is out of use. It is a great extra luggage item if you are running low on space and need a roomy and convenient backpack to put your things in.

It comes with one front pocket, two side mesh pockets, the main compartment, and a zippered inner pocket which is great for putting your camera in. It is extremely comfortable, and you will not have any trouble adjusting and locking the straps. It is easy to clean, and you will not need anything apart from a cloth and some water to remove any dust and dirt.

It comes in black, grey, and blue, and has a simple yet elegant design to it. For the price you are paying, it is an absolute no-brainer.

How to Use It

There is nothing complicated about using this product – the straps are easy to adjust, the zippers are abrasion-resistant and glide smoothly, while the backpack offers a few spacey pockets to cover your needs. Just pop it on your back and enjoy carrying your items with you safely.


4monster Durable Packable Backpack

Made out of Cordura fabric, this backpack is extremely durable and is perfect for your hiking and travel trips. The great thing about it is the fact that you can pack it into your carry-on luggage on an airplane and simply unfold it for extra luggage space on the other side. It comes with a capacity of 16L and offers a roomy main compartment in which you will be able to fit essentials like clothing items, food, and water as well as tech gadgets.


People are starting to understand the importance of spending more time in nature, and as a part of that trend, backpacks are becoming more popular each and every week. It is a fact that a backpack is a handy luggage item that can go a long way for your everyday use and travel trips as well. The above mentioned Topnaca product has received a 5/5 rating and includes everything that a good backpack should.

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