What Is a 29er Mountain Bike?

What Is a 29er Mountain Bike
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It is worth putting some effort into finding the perfect type of bike for your needs. On this subject, you might find that you are torn between mountain bikes and hybrid bikes, with each of them offering a range of different benefits.

A type of model you might see mentioned is the 29er mountain bike.

Could this be the perfect solution for getting you around? It’s best to understand what it is in order to make an informed decision on the bike.

The Basics

The name of this bike comes from the size of the wheels used. The bike uses 29” wheels, which are also known as 700c or ISOI 622 mm inside rim diameter wheels. The actual diameter of the rims is 622 millimeters, which is 24.5 inches. The outside diameter of the tire is 740mm, or 29.15”.

What Are the Benefits of a 29er Mountain Bike

In some parts of the world, they are called 28” wheels or 28 incher bikes. This name is most typically used in mainland Europe.

These are wider than the ISO 559mm wheels that used to be more common, and that are often known as 26” wheels. In fact, there have been several different sizes of tire made by mountain bikes over the years since they first become popular.

We are now seeing more and more bikes with this wheel size on the market. From being a fairly specialized and hard to find model, this is now something that it is easy to find for sale.

Why are 29ers now such a popular choice? By looking through the main benefits and drawbacks, we can see the answers.

What Are the Benefits of a 29er Mountain Bike?

In what situations should you consider using these bikes? The bigger wheels are generally thought of as being ideal for tough conditions such as trekking or any other activity over rough terrain.

The wider wheels give you a greater sense of stability and confidence. They also help you to pass over obstacles without any fuss. Even large objects in your path won’t be too much of a problem with this type of bike. You shouldn’t lose as much momentum when going over big obstacles either.

A lot of bigger riders also report that they find these bikes easier and more comfortable to ride. However, anyone of any size should find that they get a smoother ride with this bike when the terrain is rough and very bumpy.

If you are going over wet sand or mud, then you might also discover that your bike doesn’t sink into it as much.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

This model might not be perfect for everyone. Perhaps the most noticeable drawback for some riders is that it is a bit heavier. This may be more of a concern for you if you are going to be lifting the bike as a part of your trip.

Some people also suggest that the handling is slightly more sluggish than on mountain bikes with smaller wheels, although this is probably an issue that is of interest mainly to advanced riders. Acceleration and braking can be less immediate.

Smaller riders might not feel quite as comfortable with this set-up as bigger people do. It is worth giving it a test run to see whether the extra wheel size makes a difference to you either way.

It is worth pointing out that these benefits and drawbacks mentioned are all issues commonly mentioned by riders. However, not everyone is in agreement about all of them and there is a lack of independent research to give us reliable data.

Are There Any Drawbacks

What about a Smaller Rear Wheel?

There is another option that you might come across. This is something known as a 96er mountain bike. How does this differ from a 29er and in what ways could it be of interest to you?

In this case, the front wheel is 29” in size. However, this is combined with a 26” rear wheel. The reason for this is to overcome some of the shortfalls of the 29er mountain bike. Specifically, it makes the bicycle lighter and easier to handle.

You might also see a 69er mountain bike too. In this case, the front wheel is 26” and it is the rear wheel that is 29” in size.


There are a number of factors to take into account when deciding which type of mountain bike to choose from. The 29er model is definitely one model to be aware of.

If you are going to be riding over very rough ground or are tall then this can prove to be a smart choice.

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